The Sun | Saving the World One Headline at a Time

thesun gogreen headlines 01 The Sun | Saving the World One Headline at a Time

British tabloid The Sun is world famous for its jingoistic headlines (Gotcha, Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster); colorful editors (including my former boss, Kelvin MacKenzie and now the first female editor, Rebekah Wade); incessant pandering to the lowest common denominator (with articles about celebrity, celebrity and more celebrity) and the institution that is Page Three (topless chicks between the ages of 18-28). Yes, America, I said topless. All natural breasts, though.

More recently, it seems the tabloid is pulling its mind out of the gutter and aiming it at the altogether higher ground of global warming. As well as celebrating a special “green week”, the paper’s online version now has a section dedicated to the environment called Go Green. Stories include: “Face to face with climate change”, where journalist Sebastian Lander kayaks around Alaska; “N-ice maiden’s naked plight” (no-one does headlines quite as well as The Sun) about 21-year-old Spanish student Ines Reverter’s naked dingy boat ride in an Alaskan fjord; and “Grolar bears are global warning” on the emergence of a grizzly polar bear hybrid in the wake of warmer temperatures. Admittedly nothing that would be published in Nature, but it does appeal to the masses. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

thesun gogreen headlines 02 The Sun | Saving the World One Headline at a Time

Other articles cover iconic tea brand PG Tips’ pledge to go green by 2010, Sir Paul McCartney urging the world to embrace vegetarianism and London police stations getting eco-friendly makeovers. All newsworthy stuff.

While some articles come with video, all encourage comments and discussion. My favorite, from October 2006 (an oldie but a goodie) is from “green queen” Keeley Hazel, who gives us her top ten green tips. Stuff like: swapping lights for romantic candles to cut back on CO2; cycling to work to tone your butt; and sharing a steamy bath to save on water. You can see where this is heading. Best of all, the article comes complete with photo of Keeley, topless (natch), her body painted a brilliant shade of green.

Gotta love The Sun. Check out their invaluable environmental information here.

(some info gleaned from Wikipedia)

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