The Sweetness of Organic!

chocheart The Sweetness of Organic!

Happy V-Day! I hope everyone had a great one and that it was very G! Truth be told, I have never really celebrated this holiday since I was a kid. I love everything that it stands for. Love, chocolate, sweets, flowers, beauty and romance (minus the commercial factor). But it’s not as though I need yet another excuse to eat chocolate! Well, any excuse will do so I’ll take it! Not that I didn’t eat chocolate yesterday as well and the day before, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to abstain from it tomorrow either. So I wanted to talk briefly about the importance of organic and fair trade chocolates, as well as some articles I found on Valentine’s Day. Because they also go into the importance of always buying organic (and hopefully local) flowers as well. Flowers not being organic is not something I ever really thought about before. When I do buy flowers, and I used to buy them every week, I would always get them from my local farmer’s market. However, unlike my food it just never occurred to me that they might not be organic. Next time I am there I will definitely try to find out if they are organic. The statistics I read about were extremely disturbing. Things like that conventional cocoa is only second to conventional cotton in it’s use of pesticides. I never would of thought that. And also that 40% of conventional chocolate comes from the Ivory Coast where there is widespread reports of child slavery and worker exploitation. And then with the flowers, commercial flowers from countries like Columbia are the most heavily sprayed agricultural crops in the world. As well as worker exploitation of forcing the workers, mostly young women to work for 18 hours a day for very little pay. Well, I’ll just let you read the articles yourself. They also include buying guides and resources for organic and fair trade flowers and chocolates. Even though V-Day is over, these are products that people purchase year round. It’s good to know how to keep your purchases G, and with these statistics, organic and fair trade looks very sweet!

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