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The Thrive Diet Launches at Climate Change Conference in Montreal

Posted By Brendan Brazier On March 24, 2007 @ 6:53 pm In Green Report / Media | 2 Comments

My Canadian book tour officially began on Thursday March 22nd in Montreal. I was extremely please with the amount of media attention. Montreal being what it is (largely French speaking), I was most impressed with the amount of interest in my book. (get a copy)

This particular bout of media attention came from a slightly different angle than what I’m accustomed. It focused almost exclusively on one chapter in my book: The Thrive Diet for a Healthy Environment.

This interest came as a result of my involvement in the Youth Conference for Climate Change that took place later that day in Montreal. All delegates received a copy of The Thrive Diet to help them make informed dietary choices; paralleling their other environmentally conscious decisions.

The conference it’s self garnered huge press for several reasons. First; Al Gore was the keynote speaker. Since his popularity is at an all-time high, all the attention he received was expected. Second; David Suzuki spoke. In Canada David is an icon. He’s a legend who has devoted his life to making environmentalism understood, appreciated and as of late, fashionable. Third; Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper stopped by for a brief appearance and an almost equally brief speech.

Al Gore’s talk was the one he’s given thousands of times. Polished, seamless and well-written. But it lacked passion as you might expect from a routine that has become border-line robotic. He can’t be faulted for that though; people want more and more of him, so he keeps giving it. The fact that he does is admirable. It is essentially a live version of “An Inconvenient Truth”. He had actually presented the same lecture earlier that day in Toronto, and was on his way to San Francisco in the evening to do it all over again. Nice work Al.

David Suzuki spoke for only about 45 minutes, but held everyone’s attention for the duration. His talk was passionate and genuine. I’ve seen several of David’s speeches on TV, but never have I seen him so into it as he was in Montreal. He was on top of his game. Never faltered or went off on a tangent that lead away from his main point (as I’ve seen him do before on TV), he delivered an exceptionally well-put-together speech.

Unfortunately I missed Stephan Harper’s address since it was earlier in the day and I was occupied with book-related media.

I think one of the reason’s I ended up with so much media is because the big three didn’t make them selves available, since they were pretty busy. Lucky for me.

Proof that media works: at the end of the day The Thrive Diet was number 19 on Amazon.ca

Once I get copies of the media, I’ll be sure to post it.

Global TV “This Morning Live”
Montreal Gazette interview with Business columnist
CTV affiliate station “Noon News”
CBC Radio 1 “Radio Noon” interview and call-ins
Mc Gill Tribune Interview
The next stop on my tour is a stint in Ottawa, beginning on Monday.

More on that soon.

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