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toggery 03 The Toggery Collection | Contemporary Design

What’s the difference between a woman with a great sense of style and one who’s eco-conscious? Absolutely nothing. That’s the premise behind the Toggery Collection by Kate D’Arcy. The up and coming eco-chic designer makes living the “G” lifestyle look good. She describes her line as a blend of contemporary design made with environmentally responsible fabrics.

And Speaking of fabrics, Kate incorporates organic cotton and sustainable dyes into all of her collection. She even gives back to her home state of Pennsylvania by having all of the fabrics she uses sewn and dyed there.

Her designs are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can go with a casual earth tone tank top and jeans in the daytime and then shine in a bright mini-dress in the eveniung. I’m digging the “Cristobal” elbow sleeve capelet made from 100% organic cotton fleece. Then there’s the “Kathleen” dress made from 100% organic Supima cotton. In case you’re wondering (like I was), Supima is an abbreviation for Superior Pima.

Check out Kate D’Arcy’s refreshing collection here.

toggery 01 The Toggery Collection | Contemporary Design

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