The Top 5 Sexiest Cars (For Real)

sexycars main gliving The Top 5 Sexiest Cars (For Real)

Sexy is as sexy does, Forrest Gump said. Maybe those weren’t his exact words, but you get the idea. Concepts are pretty, but it’s the tangible outcome that counts. So it oughta be with sexy “G” vehicles.

That’s why the latest sexy Alt-vehicle lists over at Treehugger and Inhabitat both ring like unholy mishmash comparisons between Jessica Biel and Jessica Rabbit, or between George Clooney and George of the Jungle.

So, here’s my sliced-and-diced take: the top 5 sexy and trimmed-guilt cars you will actually be able to drive in the near couple years (given, ahem, the resources), to be followed in my next post by the top 5 sexy G concept cars your long-abandoned Second Life avatar would drool over, had he not been cast into the phantom zone of your forgetting.

Ladies, Gentlemen, start your lusting…

5. ZAP-X Crossover
Sure, ZAP is responsible for its demented clown car, the Xebra, whose 3-wheel jellybean looks border on an attempt to sabotage the altcar movement. But they’re also on the verge of cranking out the ZAP-X Crossover, an aluminum-bodied, 644-horsepower 5-seater.

sexy zap gliving The Top 5 Sexiest Cars (For Real)

Supposedly capable of 155mph and with a cruising range of 350 miles (reputedly), this American consumer-friendly crossover promises to be the sexy G vehicle you can share with your friends.  Sharing is caring is sexy, right?

4. Toyota FT-HS
As a gas-electric hybrid, the Toyota FT-HS is the least guilt-free (most guilt-laden?) in our top-5 rundown.

sexy toyota2 gliving The Top 5 Sexiest Cars (For Real)

Despite the added weight of a driver’s petro-shame, the FT-HS – the most concept-y of the bunch with a production date of 2009 – is touted to churn out around 400 horsepower to get it up to 60mph in around 4 seconds. Not bad for a ’Yota. But this is a sexiness contest, and despite its lack of a name that sounds as cool as those in our top 3, this baby is sure to treat us right in the looks department.

3. Venturi Fetish Roadster
Glance at the Venturi Fetish, and you’ll realize this puppy is appropriately named. Currently it’s the only one of our top 5 to actually roll off the assembly line, although “assembly line” may be the wrong term with the intended model run still standing at just 25 units.

sexy venturi gliving The Top 5 Sexiest Cars (For Real)

Performance takes a back seat to looks with Monaco-based Venturi’s offering, with this slick beast topping out at just 100mph and pulling the 0-60 trick in around 5 seconds, but so what? Sexy doesn’t do 150mph. Sexy cruises.

2. Tesla Roadster
I know the Tesla is real ’cause I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger drive one on da TV. Seriously, despite a management shakeup at the company and some tweaks to the Roadster’s specs that will drop the total range to around 200 miles instead of 250, the Tesla roadster is still the baby of the altcar movement.

sexy tesla gliving The Top 5 Sexiest Cars (For Real)

Photo ops aren’t hard to find and everybody’s read about the “reach for the radio” trick. Behind the hype, there’s meat: Handling will be roughly synonymous with its Lotus Elise platform, top speed will be right at 130mph, and delivery is still expected next year. And just look at it, won’t you?

1. Lightning GT
This snub of the second-place Tesla may come as altcar blasphemy, but when I imagine James Bond sitting behind the wheel of an EV, it has to be the Lightning GT.

sexy lightning gliving The Top 5 Sexiest Cars (For Real)

Like the majority of the cars above, the GT is also expected for delivery in 2008, and when it arrives, it’s promised to do 130mph with a cruising range of 250 miles. It’s also powered by the much-hyped Altairnano Nanosafe battery that is powering Phoenix Motorcars’ SUTs and SUVs. Cross-platform testing is good. Although the UK-Based Lightning Car Company says it’s working to get the car certified to run across the pond, the possibility that you won’t be able to drive it stateside just makes me want it that much more. And one last stat: 700-plus horsepower. See? Numbers can be sexy, too.

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