The Toyota i-Real Concept Vehicle

toyota i real 01 The Toyota i Real Concept Vehicle

In Toyota’s enduring attempt to improve mobility and facilitate the evolution of new and ever-evolving locomotion, here cometh the i-Real concept “car.” Toyota’s successor to the iUnit, this vehicle is a car in only the most basic sense of the word. If you define a car as having wheels, allowing the driver the ability to steer, and moving by facility of its own internal power source, then yes I suppose the i-Real could be construed as a car.

It is, however, the trippiest (I know the Websters people are having a conniption fit over that one) looking “car” I have ever seen.

According to the Toyota i-Real pitch, this is a car that wraps around your body, allowing you to zip through life with little encumbrance from mortal legs. I drive a Saturn around town and a Schwinn within a fifteen-mile radius of my house. And never in the purchasing of either vehicle did the idea of “lessening the encumbrance my mortal legs” enter the equation.

toyota i real 02 The Toyota i Real Concept Vehicle

toyota i real 03 The Toyota i Real Concept Vehicle

While I applaud Toyota for creating an eco-friendly electric alternative to conventional modes of transportation, my concern with the i-Real “thing” is figuring out where one puts the groceries.

I will admit, the i-Real looks cool, and it definitely seems sturdier than the forward tilting Segway, but at a top speed of only 18.6 mph, I think I will stick with my mortal legs and my Schwinn.

toyota i real 04 The Toyota i Real Concept Vehicle

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