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wee house 01 The weeHouse | A wee For Every Need

I’m not sure what I like more: the weeHouse website or the weeHouse itself. As far as prefabs go, the weeHouse is similar to the Micro-compact in that it arrives by truck, factory-built and ready to live in, and it can be set down just about anywhere. Even on your roof.

Framed in wood and steel and floored in sustainable bamboo, the house is can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. From the LiveRight studio apartment-sized to the 2 bedroom SleepTight, the weeHouse was “inspired by sustainable design principles such as building small and efficiently.” But unfortunately, that’s about as “G” as the wee gets in the base model. If wee want greener materials and systems (solar, a green roof, etc.) wee have to request them.

wee house 02 The weeHouse | A wee For Every Need

But that’s all good in the weeHood because the wee was made for customization, which is where the über-cool website comes into play. Whether you need a house, a cabin, a playroom or an office, there’s a weeHouse for you. And you can peruse them all so long as you have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer. (The site’s build and price function is not up and running yet, but it’s still fun to scroll through the various floor plans and stacking options.) There are even informative downloads for more serious-about-buying site visitors.

I will definitely be back to look at the 2008 wees. Hopefully by 2009 I’ll have my own. And whenever I invite people over, I’ll say, “Hey, you want to check out my wee?”

wee house 03 The weeHouse | A wee For Every Need

wee house 04 The weeHouse | A wee For Every Need

wee house 05 The weeHouse | A wee For Every Need

  • the wee play system

    […] have to request them. … for customization, which is where the ??ber-cool website comes into play.… reflektieren und vor allem wo vermutlich noch ein Bug in genau dem system […]

  • vuduvgn

    What’s green about this exactly besides the size and the little bit of bamboo flooring? What climates is this good for? How should it be orientated in relation to the sun and wind? Do they tell you that? With that much glass solar orientation is CRITICAL.
    What about the materials used? Noxious glues? Paints?

  • vuduvgn

    Agreed on the material usage of pre-fab. This rational is more or less depending on the type of building system used on an on-site construction.

    One must consider transportation as well. If a pre-fab is constructed thousands of miles away from it's final destination then it has quite a bit more embodied energy in it compared to a building built on-site with local materials. There is always a negative and positive and my complaint is that his article did little to educate the public and was merely a press release. If a consumer didn't do much more research about the pos/neg of this they could be missing much.


    pre-fab in general tends to be a greener way to build. You end up saving a massive amount of waste material that the standard on site building process produces.

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