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Like the new modular mobile container houses, designer Ben Chappell has created a very uniquely designed trainer (or, as we in the U.S. like to call it, “sneaker”) that embraces cradle-to-cradle thinking to its fullest. Think trainers. It’s a shame more products haven’t been produced using this simple, completely sustainable approach.

But I guess not everybody’s Thinking.

The Think trainers are made with only five separate parts. The design consists of no toxic chemicals. They are simply held together using a mechanical lock system instead of toxic adhesives or cements. Each individual part can be removed, replaced, or recycled at any time. If one part wears out, you don’t have to throw the shoe away, you just recycle the piece. With a variation of colors and styles, it makes it easy for the Think Shoe owner to switch up a look and customize these funky, trendy sneaks to accessorize even the sauciest outfit.

think modular recyclable trainers 02 Think | Modular Recyclable Trainers

So far, the shoes are being sold on individual websites across the globe. There are ideas in the works to begin Think recycling programs where consumers return an old part of the shoe to a retailer in order to receive a discount on a future purchase. This is also to encourage the Think shoe owners to recycle the material directly to the company, so it can be reused.

As William McDonough and Michael Braungart state in their book Cradle To Cradle, eco-friendly designs don’t have to be boring or less brilliant. No one should have to give up style or personal flare to contribute to a greener lifestyle.

Now if only someone would invent a heel version, so I could wear a comfortable shoe by day and snap on a sassy stiletto at night.

  • kalston

    This would be an even stronger story if the product was assessed and certified by McDonough and Braungart’s firm (MBDC) as being truly Cradle to Cradle.

    Ken Alston

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    The design consists of no toxic chemicals.

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