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tiamo resort 003 Tiamo Resort | For Lovers of Ecotourism

Calling a resort Tiamo is a genius bit of subliminal marketing. For honeymooners, it’s a way to say “I love you” in Italian. And for ecotourists, it can be an expression of one’s love for the earth.

Tiamo, located on a private beach in the Bahamas, was build by hand by a couple in love, Mike and Petagay Hartman, who shared a dream to build a luxury resort that minimized impact on the environment. They used sustainable construction practices in building the resort, even going so far as to create a prototype in Indiana to reduce construction waste.

tiamo resort 004 Tiamo Resort | For Lovers of Ecotourism

The sun (one of the reasons people go the Bahamas in the first place) powers the ceiling fans and the commercial kitchen. It also heats the hot water for showers. Their solar array can generate up to 130,000 watts. Feelin’ hot hot hot!

Tiamo also employs a complicated and thought out recycling system, which centers around buying initial products that don’t generate much waste in the first place. They compost, recycle, burn the remnants of the paper products and (get this!) they even ask their guests to take pesky plastic bottles back with them to civilization.

Ecotourism is kind of a grey area for me. But from what I know about resources, flying or driving long distances contributes negatively to the environment. So much so, that I personally might feel guilty about the impact of flying to the Bahamas, even if I did bring my plastic bottles back with me. Then again, I don’t know if I’d want to spend my honeymoon taking the bus to Santa Monica pier, eating cotton candy, riding a tandem bike and ending the night with organic vodka — just because it’s close.

Oh wait – on second thought, that sounds like a great honeymoon…

tiamo resort 001 Tiamo Resort | For Lovers of Ecotourism

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