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Time of Change | Getting Off The Carbon Copy Bandwagon

Posted By G Monkie On April 20, 2009 @ 3:41 am In Exclusive Interview Series,Green Report / Media | 5 Comments

As lead Monkie here at G Living, I have decided it’s time to take the company in a new direction. It’s time to take a fresh new look at what we have created and where we’re going. We started G Living way back in 2004 with the idea of being the media company for the emerging modern green lifestyle. We wanted to cover it all. The news, recipes, raw food movement, fashion, vehicles, celebrities and a zillion other things. Providing a cool platform for the not so cool idea (back then) of living green.  In fact, back in 2004, the average person I would share the idea of green living with, would not only not get what I was talking about, but they saw little value in it.  Things have really changed, haven’t they.

We started building version one of a site we called GreenZones, which eventually evolved into the G Living site you see now.  There was little to no coverage happening in the mainstream publications or within the blog space.  Zoom forward 4 years and not only is everyone covering something about living green, but most of them are all covering exactly the same things.  Everything is just a poor carbon copy of each other.  No first hand experiences, or knowledge, just a bunch of people surfing the web and reposting what they found.

I think it is time for G Living to not only get off this bandwagon, but to do what we do best, which is to create original content. Leaving the carbon copy crowd behind.  Again, unlike the endless green aggregating sites out there, G Living has created original green content from the very beginning.  We have produced over 150 show segments in our own studios and have written thousands of original articles. We are also guilty of falling into the carbon copy pattern, in our effort to cover everything. That is exactly why its time to change our path.  

As of next week, we will reduce our coverage of the green space and focus on what we love most.  This will include exclusive interviews with green fashion designers, architects, interior designers, organic gardeners and green chefs.  We will also, start covering the hip / cool green things in the cities we live in.  We will start with Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon.  Sharing with our visitors detailed stories about the green cafes, restaurants, stores, events and create green travel guides. Reducing the scope and volume of our coverage, will increase the quality, which I feel is so much more important and helpful to our visitors.

The new focused and more personal G Living will also add a few new features to the site.  One of those features is our new Monkied.com Blogs.  The monkied.com section will enable our members to post their own blog within G Living.  The members blog will be searchable within G Living, giving our very cool and knowledgeable members an audience of their own. Exposing new voices to a bigger audience of people looking for green experts or just inspiring people to follow along with.

Within the next 12 months, G Living will also be leaving our home here in Los Angeles and moving our main office to Portland, Oregon.  The move will enable G Living to be part of a larger green community and to allow us to show our audience how to build a modern green life from the ground up.  We intend to design a co-op living, work and gardening complex on 5 to 20 acres in the Portland area.  We will learn how to create organic gardens, raise rescued animals and design a modern community using green and salvage building techniques, including using Shipping Containers as building blocks. And yes, it will be very modern and very stylish.

As usual, we will keep everyone in the loop, as our plans start to take shape.   Keep an eye out for the new G Living coming next week.

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