Tobey Maguire | No Leather In My House

tobey maguire leather 005 Tobey Maguire | No Leather In My House

I sure hope Tobey Maguire’s house has a large security gate around it. Otherwise it might become a hunting ground for leather thieves.

Word on the gossip trail is that Spider-Man’s alter ego Tobey has banned all leather from his house. And that rule applies to his guests as well, one whom has been widely quoted as saying, “I’ve seen women take off their shoes, belts, and even leave their $4,000 bags at the door.”

Tobey’s strict policy is one that surely comes from his 14 years as a vegetarian and his current “mostly vegan” diet now. (Evidently he has to throw in some dairy in order to beef up when required by his employers.) “Tobey says the smell of leather makes him sick,” says the above mentioned guest, “he never has it around him.”

I am for anyone who stands by his or her beliefs. I just hope all the publicity surrounding his leather ban and the resulting leather goods free-for-all that apparently builds up outside his front door doesn’t draw burglars.

But I guess if it did, Spidey could take care of them…

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