Tomberlies RAW Vegan Ice Cream

ice Tomberlies RAW Vegan Ice CreamBelieve it or not, this is a real image taken of Tomberlies RAW ice cream. Decadent and beautiful, Tom and Kimberlie (the minds behind Tomberlies, hence the name) are geniuses. Some of the most amazing desserts you’ve ever tasted and I know this first hand. Take a look at the cake I received for my birthday—my very own Tomberlies masterpiece (that we devoured in 2 days).

Tomerblies makes custom ice cream cakes and ice cream pints. With over 25 flavors, cake combinations are endless.

All cakes and ice cream are made with a blend of organic, 100% RAW ingredients: young thai coconut, raw cashews, raw agave syrup, whole vanilla bean, raw cocoa powder, raw cocoa butter and fresh seasonal fruit. Can you believe how simple and healthy these desserts are?
UNBELIEVABLE. Keep the ice cream on hand in the freezer or order a cake for your next party. Prices are competitive with gourmet vegan cakes and ice cream–$60 for this cake and only $5 for a pint of ice cream.

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