Tomorrow’s Prefab(ulous) Homes

livinghome01 Tomorrow’s Prefab(ulous) Homes

LivingHomes Modular Housing of California recently launched their line of semi-custom homes that are LEED certified. I’ve researched so called enviro-friendly homes as well as “intentional communities” over the last few years, and I’m definitely in favor of a switch to greener building methods.

I do have some thoughts regarding LivingHomes, though, which have nothing to do with their product, only their advertising. They compare themselves to traditionally built housing in their materials, time of building and costs. But this is apples to oranges in my opinion.

The modulars take up to six months for manufacturing before delivery to your property, with (good news) installation taking anywhere from eight hours to two days. These houses are the quantum-leap evolution of mobile home construction attainting the next level of sophistication with a definite “Frank Lloyd Wright goes green” design. LivingHomes claims their costs are twenty to forty percent less per square foot than an equivalent stick-built (currently between $180 & $270, not including design fees, transport or install or foundation costs), while being comparable in design, equipment and construction of a traditional home. I like this. Their final cost is around the million dollar mark (give or take a few thou), which in today’s market is above average. But, of course, financially solid purchasers have globally responsible desires, too, so why not take this plunge?

livinghome02 Tomorrow’s Prefab(ulous) Homes

livinghome03 Tomorrow’s Prefab(ulous) Homes

I am impressed with LivingHomes; photos on their website definitely coincide with their claims of high-end architectural design. I’m personally a Victorian Cottage kind of girl, but I do see the elegance of what they offer. For those with a penchant for the sleek, modern look – it’s worth checking out.

Stand proud, LivingHomes, and shine like the beautiful and succulent apple that you are.

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