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Espadrilles are so ‘80s… what, with their fussy wedges and the ties. Why not get your hands (or, shall we say, feet) on an aughty’s equivalent -– Tom’s Shoes, which are inspired by traditional Argentine footwear. They’re unisex, minimalist and most importantly, ethical. It’s simple concept really: you buy a pair of Tom’s, and Tom’s donates a pair on your behalf to a child in need.

Designer Blake Mycoskie stumbled upon the idea while traveling around Argentina. While he instantly fell in love with the culture and people, he was deeply affected by the poverty. He visited many villages without running water and where the children went without shoes, often leading to infection, disease and even death.

tomsshoes 03 Toms Shoes | Style That Gives Back

tomsshoes 02 Toms Shoes | Style That Gives Back

A commitment to doing something about this global social issue drove him to produce this stylish, comfortable and practical footwear.

So, for any socially conscious foot fetishist, Tom’s is certainly is a step ahead. Check ‘em out here.

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