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toetally boots 01 Toetally | Happy Feet, Happy Planet

I’m proud to say I’ve never worn an Ugg boot. And not just because of the sheepskin and wool factor. I’ve just always thought they were Uggly.

But the Ugg kingdom has toetally redeemed itself. Deckers Outdoor Corporation, the parent company of Ugg, Teva and Simple, have recently introduced a “G” boot that will rock your cold weather style and make your feet feel good on every level. Simple’s Green Toe™ line, which has been making great-looking eco-snazzy sneaks and flips (as well as bags and Ts) for women and men since 2005, has now bestowed upon us the Toetally boot.

Honestly, it’s not the sexiest boot I’ve ever seen. But like a nerdy college professor, there’s something terribly alluring about substance. And Green Toe™’s continued efforts to reduce our ecological footprint makes this the hottest boot of the season in my eyes. Made entirely of biodegradable materials (organic cotton, hemp, straw, wool, cork, bamboo and jute) using water-based glues, the boot comes in tan, heather grey, chocolate and the appropriately named dark earth. It looks comfy and the organic cotton is sure to make the inside soft and breathable. Plus it comes with a removable natural latex pedbed.

For $120 you can Toetally score yourself some boots that will make both you and the planet smile.

toetally boots 02 Toetally | Happy Feet, Happy Planet

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