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crete1 gliving1 Travel | Nature Versus Human Nature

I found myself losing touch with nature. Bad Anthony. I went golfing. I strapped on my labor unfriendly, Nike golf shoes, grabbed my golf bag, hit the links and then thought to myself “isn’t nature beautiful?” as I sped off in my modified F350 golf cart (in case I shank one into the rough).

This got me wondering about various green pleasures and how I can empower my dwindling bank account with the bravado of consumer power. After all, my choices are important!

Should I vacation in Crete, Greece? According to a New York Times piece on Sustainable Mediterranean Resorts, they’re building a multiplex of villas, shops and high-end golf courses there, even though scientists say it’s likely their water supply will be depleted by 2030.

crete2 gliving Travel | Nature Versus Human Nature

These international investors want to make a buck and it seems locals are willing to give their water away in exchange for greed. They are planning in a green way and marketing in a green way, but it seems to me these people are pushing their initiatives of pleasure a little far, sacrificing conservation for overpriced Arnold Palmer cocktails.

This seems to be happening all over the world. We humans tend to take things out of control. Need the speed. Bigger is better. Evolution strips away the humble part of our brains. We need stimulation constantly and want to be entertained. Simple pleasures are boring.

I’ve always loves swimming. As a kid, I’d swim in the Ohio River (not so safe). We had great times, swinging off a rope into the water and roasting wieners. Then we got older and a friend’s parents started buying boats. Suddenly, jumping off the rope wasn’t good enough. We needed to have specialized rafts that skimmed across the surface at 300 miles per hour and Jet Ski®s that could jump coal barges.

My point — are we killing nature with human nature? Especially when you consider that our zealous appetites for adventure and doing something just to do something might potentially crumble an entire eco-system. What happened to taking a walk? Take a breath. Look around and enjoy what’s right in front of you. I bet you will find something interesting.

Does Crete need to build this for their livelihood? Or is it a sound investment because humans can’t have fun on their own? No one stops to smell the roses because they’re probably made of pixels, produced in China and marketed to be better then real flowers. But that doesn’t mean you should buy them. It’s entirely up to you. We are the ones with the power. We walk around with it in our pockets and purses and fannypacks everyday.

Spend wisely. Travel wiser.

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