Trouble Free Prehab from ZenKaya

south african prehab zenkaya 05 Trouble Free Prehab from ZenKaya

Owning a home always comes with its share of inconveniences. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At least according to ZenKaya.

The word “zen” means “a trouble free experience” and “kaya” means “home”. Together they represent the philosophy of South Africa-based ZenKaya, whose prefabricated lodges are unique forward move in sustainable building and designed to be trouble free. It’s a lofty undertaking.

Designer Eric Bigot says his interest in prefab was born out in New York and Japan, where construction methods are more rationalized and cost effective. ZenKaya’s offerings combine these methods with cutting edge design to bring you their idea of a trouble free turnkey. They drop it off, avoiding on-site disturbance and minimizing waste, and you move in.

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south african prehab zenkaya 01 Trouble Free Prehab from ZenKaya

The approximate price for one of the baseline modules is $30,000, with the most commonly requested styles ranging from 20 to 53 square meter units. Some feature one bedroom and a kitchenette, others offer two bedrooms, full dining spaces and covered decks. The sustainability factor comes in the materials — all of which are said to be recyclable — which include FSC-certified wood, styrene or rock wool for insulation, as well as bamboo flooring, paneling and composite decking as requested.

ZenKaya’s trouble free stance extends to their customer service. If you give them your budget and a good idea of what you want, they’ll let you know how much they can customize, including choices in exterior and interior finishes.

The only thing not trouble free as far as I can tell are the sizes of the units. But if you can get past living in a house smaller than 600 square feet, you’ll certainly be living in style.

While ZenKaya prides itself on door-to-door delivery, they are willing to assemble on site. I have yet to get an answer on what the approximate shipping costs would be to locations outside of South Africa, but seeing as how they’re looking for a U.S. manufacturer, I’m hoping they’ll soon be opening their doors to various locales worldwide.

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  • Al

    Hi there,

    Found different articles speaking about the concept of Zenkaya.
    Interesting. But no price, no real installation – just lately some clinky videos on a poor flash website – yerk…
    Is there really somebody behind this? Or is it just some kind of a student project?
    Very very disapointing…

    As says the website:

    “ZENKAYA is for the discerning people who value things differently. Those who appreciate their time and don’t want to embark in unforseen substantial amount of time and energy in design process.”

    Sure – because you never know when somebody from Zenkaya will even reply to you…

    “ZENKAYA is quality driven
    Zenkaya uses only quality materials and
    qualified artisans in order to provide the best product.”

    Yep, they apparently never ever find an artisan to really build one real house that was delivered to a real client.

    “ZENKAYA is hassle free
    Your house in a day. Here is the catch. It will take us
    approximalively 12 weeks to complete it but you will
    see us only a couple of days.”

    But it will take you years before somebody answer your email.

    “ZENKAYA is Eco Friendly
    Zenkaya is all about nature.
    We leave your site undisturbed without using large
    foundations. We minimize materials quantities and
    waste at the factory.”

    Sure, you will never see one on any real installation – except one that was apparently installed on a demo site years ago…

    “ZENKAYA is affordable
    At Zenkaya we make a point of giving you a price like
    a car and not a quotation like a builder ensuring no
    un-necessary surprises.”

    But you will be really lucky if you ever get a price from Zenkaya.
    They never have time to reply to any contact.

    Seems like a nice concept, but pity, nothing behind – only marketing…

    Just stay away from these guys, and you will save A LOT of your time.

  • Roger

    Agree, can’t find them nowhere.

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