Tune Into Green Week on Regis | Kelly

kelly regis green week Tune Into Green Week on Regis | Kelly

I don’t watch much daytime TV (hello…job!), but if I happen to flip it on, I’m always happy to catch a glimpse of Live with Regis and Kelly. If they happen to start my day, they usually start it off right.

Mostly because I adore Kelly Ripa. Not only is she the hottest MILF on TV (with the hottest latin husband on TV), she’s hilarious and seems down to earth and like she’s a cool mom. She also participates in cool charities, like the Pedigree Dogstore’s adoption drive, and has done what I consider an amazing feat – in addition to her daily morning show, she’s had concurrent recurring roles on two prime series as well. What can’t she do? When does she sleep?

I also like Regis, though I probably couldn’t come up with an entire paragraph describing why.

But job or no job, I’ll definitely be tuning in to Regis & Kelly on Monday (and probably Tuesday thru Friday as well) as they’re kicking off “Green Week” – “five days dedicated to getting your life on an eco-friendly path”. Segments are scheduled to include recycling tips, a preview of David Bach’s new book “Go Green, Live Rich”, green driving, suggestions how ways to reduce your carbon footprint and green tech ideas.

Guests include Diane Sawyer, Brittany Snow, Keanu Reeves, David Boreanaz and whoever gets booted off American Idol.

Not sure if Regis & Kelly will teach me anything new about green living, but I’m sure it will be a hoot. For more information, click here.

(via Action 3 News)

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