Room101 | Turning Shipping Containers Into Your Next Dream Home

G Living gets the heart of the container/home story buzzing all over the web. When we posted the story Genius Design: The House That Moves With You about a Dutch architecture firm building University dorms out of shipping containers, we got pounded. The flood of people reading that story was one of our biggest ever and it hasn’t really let up. As a result, we wanted to know more about why people are so fascinated by the idea of living inside the same containers that all of our other stuff arrives in. So, we went to one of the leading architects building his career around this new type of architecture, Peter De Maria.

Peter was kind enough to come into the studios and sit down for a special ROOM101 about the future of living in containers. Enjoy.

peter de maria design 01 Room101 | Turning Shipping Containers Into Your Next Dream Home

peter de maria design 02 Room101 | Turning Shipping Containers Into Your Next Dream Home

  • VeniceVince

    These container projects are foreward thinking and can solve so many issues related to sustainable design. I wish I could live in one. Are there more in LA?

  • agson

    Peter De Maria uses last-trip container or 2nd hand container, and re-paint it. Normally, the exterior paint coating of container is very strict, some of them need ceramic paint, to be insulated and long lifetime during 10 years guarantee on the sea trip. During the whole process of container making, the representitive engineers of painting company is checking on site all the time to sign each container before it leaves.

    So it is really difficult to say that the container Peter De Maria using now is really properly painted under the same quality assurance condition. I realize that the container is not 100% covered by external wall material, some part is still exposed. In this filed, agson engineers are much better De Maria.

    The house is to be last for 30 or 50 years. It is not supposed to be painted or fixed every one year. No sense.

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