Tuxedomoon | Vapour Trails

tuxedomoon vapour trails Tuxedomoon | Vapour Trails

Review by A.D. Amorosi, BPM Magazine

Thirty years after creating the careening electro punk of “No Tears,” Tuxedomoon continue to nervously obscure the boundaries of live, acoustic instrumentation with that of the steely, computer/synth variety.

That means the reedy sound of saxophonist/keyboardist Steven Brown, bassist/producer Peter Principle, and creepy vocalist/violinist/ laptop-ist Blaine L. Reininger and friends still manage to, like their tag line says, “put the cult into culture” even when it’s new electronics being discussed. Similar to their recent albums like Bardo Hotel and Cabin in the Sky, Tuxedomoon’s Vapour Trails combines the atmospheric and dread-filled drone-y with the rhythmically propulsive, the jaggedly high-strung and almost pop-timistic—sometimes all at once, across new tracks like “Muchos Colores,” “Big Olive” and “Dizzy.”

Interestingly, Tuxedomoon offers their new CD two ways: alone and in a 30th anniversary box (77o7 tm) containing Vapour Trails, two additional CDs and one DVD with previously-unreleased archival tracks, remixes (like those Tortoise’s John McEntire did in 2006) and 160 minutes of rare videos. The box is vexing stuff and worth the added cash.

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