Una Lodge | Quiet Mexican Eco-Vacation

una lodge Una Lodge | Quiet Mexican Eco Vacation

I’m not one of those vacationistas who likes to overplan. And I avoid going on trips with travel divas who feel the need to schedule every possible minute, jamming in activity after activity in the hopes of seeing everything and doing everything. That stresses me out and usually makes me feel like I need a vacation in order to recover from my vacation.

My ideal getaway involves just that — getting away. Going someplace remote, where you can leisurely enjoy the outdoors, drink cervezas and put all the stress of daily living behind you.

Using these important vacation keywords in a search (remote, outdoors, cervezas), I came across the Uno Lodge in Chihuahua, Mexico.

What makes this place sound appealing is that it’s located in a desolate area that’s accessed by a private 6 mile road and features a panoramic overlook of Copper Canyon (a mile above the beautiful Fuerte River). Easy access to hiking and a dining room that whips up delicious meals made from fresh and local ingredients adds further flavor to the mix. Better still, the lodges are private and void of the usual distractions that accompany mass tourism. And did I mention the environmentally friendly part? The lodge’s electricity is generated by solar power! I’m so there.

The article didn’t specifically mention cervezas, however, but I’m going to take a leap of faith and assume those are included as well.

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