Update: Influencers Documentary Full Version Online

A few weeks ago I posted about a new documentary coming out called the Influencers. Well, the producers have decided to release the film online, which means, lucky you can just click play above for some instant gratification. And I have to warn you. It’s good.. inspiring and yes a must see if you my friend are thinking of driving your stake in the ground and transforming yourself into a “G” Influencer! After watching the film, checkout their awesome site: influencersfilm.com

Here is part of my previous post just to bring you up to speed: This trailer for the documentary Influencers caught my eye this morning and sent my brain racing. Why you ask? Well, to be frank, I am in the middle of re-thinking G Living in the Post Green Special Status World. Yes, green as a special issue is dead in my opinion. I still believe the world will keep moving towards a “G” lifestyle, but the original movements concept of just adding the word Green, or Organic to your products name or onto your website some how made it exciting… is oh so dead my friends. Dead Dead Dead! Don’t be grim, that is a good thing. It had to happen. You are ask why again aren’t you? Because it’s been over used, over hyped and under delivered. Yelling global warming from the roof tops and then not demanding real change is an issue.

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  • SBM

    AMAZING! Thank you SO much for sharing/ posting it!!!

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