Urban Vertical Farms Bring the Country to the City

urbanfarm ps1 work architecture 01 Urban Vertical Farms Bring the Country to the City

If it comes to living in the country or the city, for me the choice is a no-brainer. I mean, as beautiful as the countryside is, it’s great to visit — not so great to live. Shall we talk about isolation? I couldn’t bear it. The city is really where it’s at for me. Cities are exciting cultural hubs that offer an alluring mix of art, film, theatre, music, restaurants, shops and — if you happen to live in a city other than Los Angeles — public transport.

The one thing cities don’t have are… farms. And I don’t mean the scarecrow-combine harvester-herds of Black Angus-type farms, I’m talking about a genuine urban farm.

The one pictured here comes from New York based Work Architecture, and is the winner of the ninth annual MoMA/P.S.1 Young Architect Program. Called Public Farm 1 (or PF1), this will become a living installation when it goes up in P.S.1’s outdoor courtyard on June 20th.

urbanfarm ps1 work architecture 02 Urban Vertical Farms Bring the Country to the City

What’s more, it “will serve as an interactive environment for the 2008 Warm Up summer music series”. Lovely. Constructed from cardboard tubes and other sustainable and recyclable materials, the top surface will be an actual working farm complete with vegetables and plant-life.

Says MoMA’s Mr Bergdoll of the design work by Amale Andraos and Dan Wood of WORK Architecture: it “bring us the improbable merger of a flying carpet and a farmer’s market, a cultivated and cultivatable piece of infrastructure that is a timely comment on issues from post-industrialization to sustainability. Here, the productive garden meets the art gallery, and the urban schoolyard acquires greenery.” Couldn’t have made it sound more complicated myself.

With its innovative “flying carpet” design, PF1 offers city dwellers a shady sanctuary with calming center pool, plenty of O2 and perhaps even the odd organic tomato? Best of all thanks to the Urban Farm, there’s absolutely no need to ever leave the city. Which is good for me!

(via Apartment Therapy)

urbanfarm ps1 work architecture 03 Urban Vertical Farms Bring the Country to the City

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