Yes, I Have Fallen In Love With Soko, But She Loves Another

soko 02 Yes, I Have Fallen In Love With Soko, But She Loves Another

For the last few days, the song “I’ll kill Her” has been playing non-stop on my computer and in my head when I close my eyes. Yes, I am addicted to the song and the cute french actress / singer who made it. It even turns out Soko is a Vegan, and living right here in L.A.. We might even shop at the same farmers market. You should give “I’ll Kill Her” a listen, which is just below:

Here is the song: “I’ll Kill Her”

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Who is Soko: SoKo received world fame after releasing her “I’ll Kill Her” song. It was featured in a 2007 Stella McCartney (a “G” fashion designer) fashion show, played by radio DJ’s from all over the world and even managed to chart in several countries, without a “real” CD release. SoKo really is a modern day musician, gaining fame from the internet and playing sold-out concerts without any promotion.

SoKo (21) was born in Bordeaux, France as Stéphanie Sokolinski. She started out as an actress and appeared in several French movies like Les Irréductibles, Dans les Cordes and Les Diablesses. She picked up singing in 2006, after approaching filmmakers with her desire to sing for the movie she was in.

0 Yes, I Have Fallen In Love With Soko, But She Loves Another

soko 01 Yes, I Have Fallen In Love With Soko, But She Loves Another

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I’ll Kill Her SoKo put up “I’ll Kill Her” at her MySpace for some friends in November 2006. This version, which she recorded in her bedroom, isn’t really that much to her liking. Telling Courier Mail: “Say you want to do a huge painting, and you make a little black and white sketch on a napkin and you’re like, ‘I want to do that with a lot of colour and really big’. Then people are like, ‘Oh no, this one on the little napkin is really good, we should put in in a museum’. But that’s not what you want to do.”

Breaking Through SoKo first shot at fame was in Denmark when radio program “The Black Boy Scouts” started hyping the “I’ll Kill Her” song. It reached number one on the chart of the Danish version of the iTunes Store and was the number one song in rotation on radio, resulting in some sell out concerts.

In august, Australian broadcaster Triple J started spinning the track as well and within days it had become one of the station’s most requested songs. SoKo than added the plea “Fly Me To Australia” to her homepage, hopeful promoters would pick up on her popularity. “I did that for Denmark when they put me on the radio. I wrote: ‘Fly me to Denmark’, and they did”. “I’ll Kill Her” ended up landing a number 9 spot on the yearly “Triple J Hottest 100″ chart in January 2008.

In October 2007 the song was also used for Stella McCartney’s show (video) at the Paris Fashion Week. It was chosen by retired British radio D.J. Tony Farsides, who did most of Stella’s shows in the past 5 years.

In November 2007, SoKo posted a new song to her MySpace called “I Will Never Love You More”. This song was picked up by BBC DJ’s Tom Robinsons and Rob da Bank. It caused some rumble but didn’t really put SoKo on the map yet.

Then, January 2008 came and big things started happening to SoKo. “I’ll Kill Her” was picked up by Belgian radio station “Studio Brussel” followed by other Belgian stations as well. This resulted in SoKo’s first official chart entry later on that month. One week later, she is on number 4 in the Ultratop chart.

In January there were also several sold out show in The Netherlands. DJ Rob Stenders then started playing and promoting the song in his very populair radio program, causing a small stir in Holland. Other DJ’s on the 3FM station followed his example. It didn’t make the charts but she definitely received some fame.

SoKo on Tour During the following months, SoKo started touring troughout Europe. She will conclude her year of touring in Australia, where she will perform in December 2008 and January 2009.

Debut Album SoKo also was busy recording her website in the second half of 2008. On her MySpace blog she wrote that she recorded for 3 months on and off. It took her a long time because she had over 30 songs to pick from. The record is co-produced with Ryan Hadlock. It should be released mid february of 2009.

Stella McCartney Fashion Show / Playing “I’ll Kill Her”

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