Vanity Fair | The Green Issue Pushes Us To Go Green

vanity fair green issue1 Vanity Fair | The Green Issue Pushes Us To Go Green

As of this writing, Vanity Fair’s Green Issue has yet to hit the newsstands. But seeing as how they’ve handily provided an (aptly eco) online version, here are some early highlights. The video introduction from editor Graydon Carter turns out to be harder to play than it is to justify their “green” cover girl Madonna. After 72 attempts, I finally gathered the wherewithal to seek it out on YouTube.

The video begins with a young man in a top hat polishing silverware while Graydon talks on the phone. Comedic introduction over, we’re into the green guts. In what is Vanity Fair’s third annual Green Issue, the magazine tackles some pretty serious subjects, including the Battle for Arctic Oil and Trump’s proposed luxury golf course on “a gloriously unspoiled swath of Scottish seacoast”. This article has brilliant observations like: “‘Ecological sensitivity’ is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump. He doesn’t even believe in global warming… the only apparent contact he has with nature is golf and sex.” Let’s not dwell on the image of the latter. Instead, back to Graydon.

vanity fair green issue 20081 Vanity Fair | The Green Issue Pushes Us To Go Green

Robert Kennedy, Jr. writes a letter to the next President, with suggestions on what he/she could do to diminish the threat of global warming. There’s also a damning article about the institutionalization of torture at Guantánamo Bay, with an investigation revealing that torture was authorized by senior members of the Bush administration, as well as a piece on the measures the Chinese government are taking to cover up the pollution in Beijing in the lead-up to this summer’s Olympic Games. The video ends with the “Vanity Fair Studio Orchestra” – a motley crew of interns and journalists wielding tambourines and trumpets.

Hmm, comedic vignettes topping and tailing an important green message. Sounds awfully familiar, don’t you think?

Now your ready to go green, right!

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