Vatican Calls Pollution a Moral Sin

vatican pollution moral sin Vatican Calls Pollution a Moral Sin

Regardless of what cloth you’re cut from, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Ten Commandments and the Seven Deadly Sins. But here’s a new one with which you may not be familiar: thou shall not pollute the Earth. According to an article in the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, the Catholic Church has added causing “environmental blight” to its lists of modern evils.

In a statement released this past week, Archbishop Gianfranco Girotti (for those of you who are unfamiliar with the church hierarchy, he’s the #2 guy, after the Pope) urged the faithful to beware of new sins that are affecting the world in which we live. Included in these sins are ecological offenses, bioethics & genetic manipulation and drug & human trafficking. That’s right, not recycling your double macchiato container from Starbucks is right up there with selling young women for sex or giving drugs to children!

So, okay — there will obviously be a few more Hail Marys at the confessional for the latter offenses, but it’s about time the Catholic Church caught up to the twenty first century and discussed some current issues. (I’m sorry to report, though, that divorce is still a moral sin, and that none of the guys from “Queer Eye” will be redecorating the Vatican’s interior any time soon.)

However, I’m pleased to see an institution that’s become synonymous with outdated viewpoints take initiative to put environmental concerns at the forefront of their discussions.

Pope Benedict has recently made several strong appeals for the protection of the environment, urging that issues like climate change are gravely important to the continued survival of the human race. The Vatican itself has even gone green with the installation of photovoltaic cells on the building to produce electricity and the hosting of a scientific conference to discuss the “ramifications of global warming and climate change” widely blamed on human use of fossil fuels.

Though I doubt I’ll be attending Sunday mass to confess the energy I wasted by leaving my iPhone charging overnight, I will definitely be more conscious of my environmental footprint. If there really are pearly white gates of judgment, I sure hope I’m condemned for my gluttonous obsession with Pinkberry instead of my lack of environmental consciousness.

(via Yahoo! News)

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