Victoria Beckham May Go Green Without Realizing It

victoria beckham 01 Victoria Beckham May Go Green Without Realizing It

Not sure of the validity of this story, but The BeanSTOCKd Project just ran a piece claiming that Victoria Beckham’s doctors are worried her alleged lack of food intake may drastically affect her energy levels (and therefore her performance) on the upcoming Spice Girls world tour.

According to the article, doctors have ordered a detox/cleanse followed by a “fattening” program consisting of brown rise, steamed veggies and a handful of nuts.

Not sure how “fat” one can get with a just a daily handful of nuts, but when compared to a steady diet of nothing, it just might make a difference.

No word on whether Ms. Beckham is actually planning to follow the diet. Here’s to hoping her body won’t go into shock upon coming in contact with real food. According to The BeanSTOCKd Project, “we’re sure she’s got some tricks up her sleeve for those day she feels guilty about consuming the 85 extra calories in a handful of almonds; so that instead of chomping them down she can stow em away in some eco-friendly tupperware – in that way, not only will she avoid wasting disposable plastic or paper carrying bags, but she will also guarantee the visibility of a collarbone that could cut through glass.”


victoria beckham 02 Victoria Beckham May Go Green Without Realizing It

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