Media Watch / Air Cars Have Arrived

Would you buy a car that runs on air? After watching this video I admit I would. Innovators in France and Australia have developed engines that run on compressed air. A 2-3 minute injection of air can get you driving up to two hours. It’s an incredible concept that’s taken 10 years in the making and if mass marketed, just may trump mainstream attraction for hybrid cars. This video takes you under the hood, into the engine, and a look into the future of transportation today.

They have some design concept cars on their site at and more videos about the technology they are rolling out the factory door today.

aircar 02 Media Watch / Air Cars Have Arrived

aircar 01 Media Watch / Air Cars Have Arrived

  • Eric

    This is great, but you need energy to compress the air. If storing that energy into compressed air will drive a car for a few hours that same energy would power the car.

  • anthony

    it takes far less energy to compress air than it does for internal combustion. this will never make it to the united states though, due to the politics in this country. i hope i am wrong and will able to drive one of these one day

  • Jason

    It won't come to this country because it's not efficient. Compressing and decompressing air is about half the efficiency of a battery/electric motor combination. Duh.

  • Anthony Strome

    Decompressing air does not take energy to do, it is just a matter of opening a valve. it may or may not be less efficient . I saw a video demonstrating the range of this car where this car with an onboard compressor with like 2 liters of gasoline went from the east side of Australia to the west side (along the coast). That is amazing range. just youtube " compressed air car" and check it out. The range of battery is still pretty bad unless you load the car up full of batteries and lighten it profusely, like the Tesla. Just saw that car on the road the other day and its tiny. About the size of a honda del sol. Duh.

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