Viesso Nini | Comfortable and Customizable

viesso natural latex bed 002 Viesso Nini | Comfortable and Customizable

I bought a new bed in December, and up until today I’ve been very happy with it. What happened today? It didn’t break into a million pieces or anything (though for a second I secretly wished it would).

Today I discovered that Viesso makes beds and natural latex mattresses.

Viesso is an L.A.-based furniture company with incredible, forward thinking designs. Their pieces achieve the perfect balance of hip and classy. Beautifully modern. And comfortable. We have a Viesso couch in the G Living studio, which provides the perfect place for a quick afternoon nap.

They’re also green. Their products are all custom made, which makes for little or no waste, and they’re constructed with sustainable materials like 100% FSC certified alder, bamboo, organic latex, recycled or natural fibers and water based glues and stains.

viesso natural latex bed Viesso Nini | Comfortable and Customizable

But back to the bed I want – the Nini. Not sure what the name means, but it’s a unique and modern platform style with an upholstered frame. The headboard is optional (but I can’t imagine it without) and, like all Viesso products, there are many custom options. By selecting the fabric, headboard and legs, you basically get to create your own amazing modern design. You can even get an inset storage area in the headboard if you want.

If only I’d seen bed this in December. It would have been a no-brainer. (Except, of course, for all the design decision I’d get to make!) And while I can’t in good conscience scrap the bed I just bought, I may be able to find somewhere to donate it… That would be very green (and good for some nice karma points).

Check out all of Viesso’s great furniture here.

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