Volvo Taking Biofuels To Racing Scene

volvo biofuels c30 hybrid 06 Volvo Taking Biofuels To Racing Scene

Volvo announced recently that it will return to the Swedish Touring Car Championship in a new look – an E85 enhanced C30 hatchback. This marks the second time Volvo has entered a flex-fuel vehicle in the race (they entered an E85 S60 last year) and continues its commitment to ethanol fuels with its Green Racing team. And why not? Sweden has already announced a plan to replace petroleum with ethanol over the next several years.

volvo biofuels c30 hybrid 04 Volvo Taking Biofuels To Racing Scene

The C30 entered in the race is not exactly a street model available at your Volvo dealership, but it’s pretty close. The racing version differs mainly in its roll cage and racing-specific pistons, valves, camshafts, and other things most of us never see. The body of the car is the same one you’ll see zipping kids to and from soccer practice.

What’s so great about the C30? It’s small, safe and stylish. If you live in Europe, you can choose from several engines to power up your ride; only the 5-cylinder turbo gas model is available in the U.S. market (unfortunately, the least efficient one). Prices start about mid-$20K, placing it in the mid-affordable range. Finally, it’s a Volvo!

Unfortunately, Volvo hasn’t made the jump to hybrid technology yet (and there doesn’t seem to be a plan to), something that seems lacking in any future incarnation of the automobile.

If you’re looking for some fun, take Volvo’s sustainability challenge.

volvo biofuels c30 hybrid 03 Volvo Taking Biofuels To Racing Scene

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