Volvo’s Newest Green | Efficient Is Sufficient

volvo diesel1 gliving Volvos Newest Green | Efficient Is Sufficient

Volvo’s latest-greatest environmentally safest green machine is the C30 Efficiency Diesel hatchback. And guess what? It’s aptly named. To the tune of 52.26 miles per gallon kind of efficient. We’re talking hybrid-efficient. Like the opposite of the DMV kind of efficient.

What makes the Efficient so efficient is that they’re really not doing anything new. Volvo is merely squeezing every bit of energy out of what they’ve got, with a few modifications. They tweaked the engine by using low-friction transmission oil and better engine management software, used higher gearing on the 3rd, 4th and 5th gears, switched to low rolling resistance tires with aero-optimized rims, shaved some inches here  and added some smoother ones there. And voila! 52.26 miles per gallon with a regular old diesel engine. And you still get that safe feeling only a Volvo or a blankie can give.

volvo diesel2 gliving Volvos Newest Green | Efficient Is Sufficient

Volvo’s smart. Not only are they looking to the future of green, with a continued focus on hybrid and biofuel technology, they realize green is still the color of cash. And let’s face it, gas engines sell better because gas engines are what most people know.

The truth is a lot of people are afraid of driving something they don’t know, especially if it’s sold to them by a bunch of liberals. And at this point, who cares if it’s not a hybrid? So what if it doesn’t run on hydrogen> If this is a way to get those people on to the green scene, then climb on board. Whatever it takes. If streamlining what you already know helps save some natural resources down the road, then by golly, let Volvo aero-optimize your rims.

See theVolvo C30 Efficiency for yourself.

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