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VURU – Personalized Supplements

Posted By Juli Novotny On October 14, 2006 @ 6:10 pm In G Living | No Comments

(article/review written by Juli Novotny)

Introducing VURU, the customized, made-to-order daily supplement pack. What a great idea! Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?
From an entrepreneurial perspective, I give many kudos to a great site, idea and branding: it’s fun, creative, personal and interactive. Read the Founder’s story. From a nutritional perspective I like the incorporation of herbs, enzymes and phytonutrients. However, it does not solve an ongoing dilemma: how do we know what we NEED?

Most of the times we buy supplements, we do so blindly or on impulse. We’ve all read that magazine article stating that most women are low in Calcium. After learning that, what’s the typical reaction? Go to the local health food store, buy us some calcium chews, load up on dairy products, spinach and collards and then consume mass amounts for a week or so!

The problem is we fail to look at the big picture. It’s not always as simple as one mineral or one supplement. Not to mention, everybody has different needs based on their lifestyle, diet and genetics.

Then, how DO we know what we need?
I do have to say that after perusing the VURU site a bit more I found that they do in fact encourage health professionals, nutritionists and the like to customize the daily packs for their patients. This is a perfect idea. Once our instructors diagnose our problem or recommend specific supplements, the site becomes a great tool. Now our daily supplements are handy, easy to carry around, already separated for us and easy to remember.

Another option for people wondering what supplements his/her body truly needs (that the VURU site does not take into consideration) is hair analysis — a laboratory test that measures mineral content present in the hair. The mineral content of the hair can give an overview of the mineral levels in the body’s tissues and the changes that occur over time. The final report printout gives you a customized supplement menu that includes amounts, time of day and frequency of supplementation. This analysis offers the health conscious consumer an accurate guide to the buying and consuming of supplements. Read More (Interesting article)
Also keep in mind that every mineral has synergistic and antagonistic counterparts, meaning some work together and others actually counteract each other if taken simultaneously. Therefore for maximum absorption (and to maximize your $) some supplements should be taken separately, others together, others with food, and some on an empty stomach, depending on the particular supplement. Taking them all at once isn’t always the wisest thing.
All in all, VURU has come up with a clever business idea and with the help of /interaction with nutritional experts it could really take off. I am personally excited about VURU’s pack ideas – cold support and cardio support – because they have a great combination of herbs and antioxidants.

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