Blazingly Brilliant: Hot Wall Ideas Heat up Eco Homes

wall design eco ideas 01 Blazingly Brilliant: Hot Wall Ideas Heat up Eco Homes

As great as winter is, one of the definite pitfalls is the inevitable amount of time that gets spent indoors. But with a few clever eco-friendly ideas, you can thwart cabin fever by keeping your walls visually interesting.

Recycled Cardboard Deer Trophy

To appease the hunter in you, opt for an interesting 100% recycled cardboard deer trophy. While not normally into heads of animals adorning my walls, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the artistic element they offer. The anomalous form that offers a shape but no features is strangely futuristic, and definitely a conversation starter.


Fast forward your thinking of time with an bare bones no fuss eco-friendly time keeper. This rubberized clock is made from bicycle chain ring, a tire rubber face, and a bicycle cog pendulum. The clever clock is the brainchild of cyclist Graham Bergh, who in 1991 used a flat tire tube to hang speakers – sparking ideas that continue to heat up new recycled creations. A few other creations, specifically the “Hybrid Wall Clock”, pairs recycled bicycle parts with reused computer hard drives.

Recycled Traffic Signs

Speed limits, stop signs and other warnings are easy to overlook in your daily drive, but when twisted around and recycled, make very eye-catching track stopping pieces. Ideas around reused signs include light switch plates, house numbers, holiday wreathes, hanging plates, coasters, trays, and more. Most of these pieces are created by metalsmith Boris Bally, whose work is featured at the New York’s Museum of Art and Design among other notable venues.

Creative Comforts for Kids

Inhabitots features sustainable bamboo mobiles that steer clear of non-recyclable plastics known for giving of toxic fumes. Their adorable mobiles take a step away from traditional wall ware and offer a more engaging 3-d approach to traditional style. There are about a dozen different things to do if your winter home includes kids. Keep their niche warm and cozy by playing with a few different ideas, including fabric re-stickable wall prints and sustainable screen prints, a hanging birdhouse night light made from salvaged French oak, or even vintage wall paper silhouettes of woodsy settings.

edina tokodi 2 Blazingly Brilliant: Hot Wall Ideas Heat up Eco Homes

Moss Art

Hot Eco-Art doesn’t get any more literal than this. Eco artist Edina Tokodi creates moss graffiti portraits made with white panels and moss – creating a perfect picture. Tokyo, known for its rigid lack of green space has also inspired the Hokkaidu Sanyu Corpo to create the “River Re Wall”, a framed moss wall garden complete with its own irrigation system offering a faint but relaxing water sound.

And while cooped up in your now highly eclectic home, top off your new hot walls with a wall heater, a much more eco-friendly approach to heating than conventional gas furnaces. Another type of wall heater is the baseboard heater, which is not only discreetly placed but also allows for more wall space to display your eco-art.

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