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What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been / My Detox

Posted By Juli Novotny On February 7, 2011 @ 12:00 am In Monkie Journals | 2 Comments

Photographer JoulesVintage

I chose this pic because it made me happy today when coming across it by accident. some girl took the photo and posted it online. i often forget i make kookies?

Where do I begin? These past few months have been so interesting from a detox perspective. I have been going through some seriously crazy health milestones. My body is changing. My mind is transforming. I’m finding MYSELF again. I’m talking my 24 year old self. The girl I was back when I started my business. You know those days, when you feel like you’re on top of the world and like you can do ANYTHING as long as you put your mind to it. You work and work and don’t stop, just because you’re passionate?

I lost that for awhile. I think partly due to my pregnancy, birth of my firstborn and knowledge of being pregnant again with my second only 3 months later.

Life was so hard and stressful. My diet was OK, but not as powerful as it is these days. I was sort of homebound and unable to get out much so work suffered which made things even more difficult.

Then, 9 months later, things only got worse healthwise and mentally.

I was suffering from some serious sleep deprivation induced postpardum issues. I had terrible anxiety. Nervousness. Mild depression. Being stressed with my business and faced with a newborn plus a 1 year old at home was just beyond my comprehension. And without much family to help out, it was almost too much for me to withstand.

Photographer Juli Novotny

Still, a year later, not much got better. I would DRINK my food due to the lack of time I had to prepare meals for MYSELF {breastfeeding one and making food for the other}. This wasn’t good for my adrenals either or my anxiety.

Then…I decided to CLEANSE! Not really to help me with all of this stuff, but because I felt like I had some yeast issues in my body.

But wow, what a difference this cleanse has made. And I’m still working at it but only now am I seeing the big picture and realizing that I’m more mentally and emotionally stable than I have been in a few years now.

My diet has been super low sugar/grains/yeast/fruit/agave and high greens with raw smoothies. I eat eggs and some fish from time to time. Not much, mainly raw/seared if any. No cheese or dairy {except cultured sour cream or evenings out with friends}. And lots of green salads, sprouted grains and nuts.

But that’s only part of it. I have been taking these anti-candida supplements that are SUPER hard core. It’s a month program I have done so far. Then I have been drinking this fresh, really healing, natural and pure water from a well here in San Diego. I will post more information on this topic in a while. Water is vital to our health. But not just any water. PURE water from the Earth. David Wolfe coincidentally talks about this in a vblog and he {I think} is bottling and selling RAW water. Crazy concept but I like it. Weird that WATER can be detoxifying. Just plain water? Because that’s how depleted our cells are.

This water is so powerful in fact that after one day of drinking it, you will wake up feeling lethargic and your entire body will ACHE all over. So far, I know four people who told me this exact same thing. Sure enough, I got it super bad. I thought I had what would be the beginning symptoms of the flu. But, sure enough, the next day, my aches were GONE.

And don’t get me wrong. I have NEVER FELT WORSE than I did a few weeks back. Detoxing gave me rashes, cold sores, horse voice, red blotchy eyes, zits, a bad cold, some emotional stuff, and so on. But suddenly, it all disappeared and my body feels like NEW.

I’m feeling more grounded. My eyes feel clear. My skin is finally looking smooth and without the hormone spots. I’m less dehydrated. More full of life and my mind clearer – which is the BIG one for me. One of my biggest signs of candida was the foggy head.

My detox wasn’t really all that hard either. I still had wine from time to time. Only a glass or two. And I drank green tea. I got decent sleep and worked super hard. And I didn’t fast.

It’s been a strange journey for me though because I never thought I would mentally be back to this place I’m at now. I wake up now with that youthful drive; the desire to GET THE DAY started and be an AWESOME mom as well as a boss and entrepreneur. Before though, I would wake up every morning DREADING to get up. Just SO tired and sleep deprived.

Funny though how most of us wouldn’t even know we weren’t feeling well. I didn’t even realize I was feeling that bad until NOW that I have come full circle. It’s not like I had cancer or was ill or had any major chronic symptoms.

This brings me to an important point we all need to consider: pregnancy is really hard on us. Not just during but AFTER pregnancy as well. Hormonally and physically and physiologically! Postpardum depression is very serious and our bodies really need to be treated well during this time. If you’re not sleeping, PLEASE try and find a way. Avoid alcohol. It only makes it worse. And please, try and detox as soon as you’re done with breast feeding. During pregnancy we tend to eat really bad foods due to cravings and just because our bodies need more and are constantly hungry. It’s important to clean that stuff out afterwards.

Anyways, just reminders for us all.

Most important – I’m just thankful that I have found me again!

And below, due to a few requests – I have posted a food journal – 3 days of my eating!


7a green tea with a little xylitol + fresh almond milk & berry shake
10a poached egg with arugula & olive oil {add raw cheese crumbles}
2p sprouted hummus {Magestic Garlic makes it and I’m addicted} with Japanese black sesame gluten-free organic crackers
7p salad with ginger/garlic sesame dressing with tons of avo & a few pieces of home seared ahi

Day 2
7a green tea with a little xylitol + a smoothie with greens
12p {starving} sprouted hummus with Japanese black sesame gluten-free organic crackers and some cottage cheese {random but it’s really good together}
3p green drink {either juiced in juicer or in vitamix} and kale krackers
6p organic lentils, marinated kale/collards, sesame seeds + spices & dollup of sour cream plus a butter lettuce salad with avocado.
7p a piece of raw truffles

Day 3 {work day at my office – I never eat enough on these days}
7a green tea with a little xylitol + kookie karma spouted goji lime granola & almond milk
12p kale krackers + food bar
2p a few bites of raw vegan ice cream that i made the day before from my new Matthew Kenney cookbook
5p glass of wine
6:30p Matthew Kenney’s tacos {all raw – took 2 days to prepare} with raw mole sauce, guacamole, and pine nut “sour cream”! YUM by the way.

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