Who Needs An Electric Skateboard?

electric skateboard 002 Who Needs An Electric Skateboard?

Did someone launch an anti-green movement without telling me? I can see no other explanation for The Altered Electric Skateboard. I wouldn’t even be covering it were it not labeled “The Green Machine”, a label that seems incongruous given the item’s added electric feature.

Seriously, the only thing that could make a standard skateboard more eco-friendly would be to manufacture it by hand using only recycled and/or sustainable materials. Every time you use a skateboard as transportation (not that I do this, but I’ve seen plenty of people who do), you’re saving the atmosphere from the CO2 that would be released had you driven in a car powered by fossil fuels or charged one with electricity.

electric skateboard 001 Who Needs An Electric Skateboard?

Adding electricity to this ordinarily self-powered semi-vehicle seems a journey in the opposite direction.

The M4 800 is a wireless remote controlled device that can reach 20 mph in 5 seconds and (according to the company’s website) allows you to “carve like you would on a snowboard, or slash and carve like you would on a surfboard.”

But how about we slash the electricity and go back to using our feet? I thought the idea was create more sustainable, energy saving devices. But if an electic skateboard is the new frontier, what other simple devices can we look forward to? How about a gasoline powered dish towel? Or a garden rake that lights up and plays music?

And while we’re at it, maybe the company that makes these electric skateboards can make them twice as big, allowing then to use twice the amount of electricity, so we can carpool on them…

greenmachine skateboard 02 Who Needs An Electric Skateboard?

electric skateboard 0051 Who Needs An Electric Skateboard?

greenmachine skateboard 03 Who Needs An Electric Skateboard?

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