Wild Blueberry and Hemp Shake

jana greenchef blueberry hemp shake Wild Blueberry and Hemp Shake

Wild Blueberry and Hemp Shake(raw)

I’m hooked on this one. I’ve been trying to incorporate hemp seeds into more dishes and to replace other nuts or seeds. Even though they are so healthy and taste pretty good, I always found it hard to know what to do with them. Besides for sprinkling them on top of my salads or mixing them with quinoa in tabouli salads. I knew there had to be better ways to get them in larger quantities into my diet. I’ve never liked the hemp protein powders. They are just too gritty and powdery, I hate the texture they give to my smoothies.

What surprised me was that the whole hemp seeds have basically the same amount of protein as the hemp protein powders. They are not actually concentrated, and the protein is not isolated anyways. They are just lower in fat. However the fat that is in hemp seeds is the kind of fat that I want and desperately need in my diet! Hemp seeds have basically the perfect profile of essential fatty acids and the best possible balance of omega 6, omega 3 and GLA. Unlike flax, which is ultra heavy in omega 3, hemp won’t throw your EFA balance off if eaten long term or in large quantities, since it is naturally balanced. It has a 4:1 Omega 6 to 3 ratio just like the diet that humans evolved on for 2.5 million years. Flax also doesn’t contain the GLA that hemp has, and hemp doesn’t contain estrogen unlike flax that is higher in phytoestrogen then soy. I could go on and on about the health benefits of hemp and how it is such a perfect complete protein and high in the sulfur amino acids, but really I just wanted to consume more of it. You can read all about the health benefits of hemp here and here.

gc blueberry shake 01 Wild Blueberry and Hemp Shake

While it might be an old standard for some people, making a hemp milk out of my seeds was new to me. The great thing about using it as a base for smoothies and shakes is that hemp seeds do not need to be soaked, they have no anti-nutrients or inhibitors in them that need to be uninhibited by water. They are perfect as they are. They also are nice and soft and when blended they instantly turn into a creamy white milk with no pulp to strain out. You can if you want too. The end result is a white liquid with dark tiny bits that look like blended vanilla seeds, but there is no noticeable texture to them. Being a whole food, unlike the powder or oil, you get both the protein and EFA’s.

gc blueberry shake 03 Wild Blueberry and Hemp Shake

Another powerful superfood that I love is blueberries! Wild blueberries are at the top of ORAC antioxidant charts and provide so much nutrition packed into such a small little berry. An interesting fact I just learned is that wild bears will eat nothing but these berries when they are in season, and will even travel up to 15 miles a day on an empty stomach to track down a blueberry bush! The American Indians called them star berries, due to their 5 point star shape blossom openings. They held a very high regard for these blue stars and used to smoke them to preserve them for the winter. The Chinese call them vision berries, due to the way they improve your vision. That’s not all they do, these little berries also have been shown to also lower cholesterol, improve memory, coordination, balance, and slow aging. Might I add that they are also low in sugar and low glycemic. Maybe I should just call this the Anti-Aging Shake. I’ve always loved blueberries though. This makes a very fresh and clean tasting shake. I prefer to make it thick so I can eat it with a spoon before it melts, and it’s like a soft serve frozen treat. The thing is, when I make my shakes thin enough to drink, I end up drinking them too fast. Having to use a spoon slows me down. Well at least a little….

gc blueberry shake 05 Wild Blueberry and Hemp Shake

Wild Blueberry and Hemp Shake:

1 1/2 Cups Pure Water

5 TB Hemp Seeds

3 TB Agave Nectar

1 TB Coconut Butter (optional)

1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract

1 10oz Package of Frozen Wild Blueberries

1 Cup Frozen Banana

Pinch of Sea Salt

Blend everything except for the frozen ingredients on high speed until it is white, creamy and frothy. Then add the frozen ingredients and blend again on high until smooth and creamy. I prefer it simple with just the blueberries and hemp milk and it keeps the whole thing low sugar. But it is thicker, creamier, and sweeter with the banana.

Oh by the way, the nutritional breakdown of this shake (sans banana) is approximately:

Protein: 20 grams

Carbs: 80 grams (only 38 if you omit the agave)

Fat: 25 grams or so….

Iron: About 30%

Zinc: About 40%

Magnesium: About 80%

Omegas: About -

12.5g of Omega 6 LA

5.0g of Omega 3 ALA

1.0g of Super Omega-6 GLA

0.5g of Super Omega-3 SDA

You can also add a nutrient rich powder to this to make it a super shake. I like to do that sometimes, even though it tastes best on it’s own. It is still good, just a little powdery. Some good options are Smoothie Infusion, and Active Greens. I’ve tried it with the Smoothie Infusion and it still tastes good. Another great option to add to this would be a food based vitamin C, such as Amla, Camu Camu or Acerola Powder. The vitamin C would increase the absorption of the iron even more so! And it’s just plain good for you….

gc blueberry shake 04 Wild Blueberry and Hemp Shake

  • Jana

    I'm glad you liked it Brittni. Coconut Oil is the exact same thing as Coconut Butter, just two names for the same product. Coconut oil is what I used in the recipe, but it's just as good without any of it I think.

  • http://www.brittnisisle.com Brittni

    oh, YUMM. that was sooo good.

    Heres what I changed:
    I Used Yucon Syrup instead of Agave.
    1/2 Banana. (or less)
    1/4 tsp of Vanilla and 1 Vanilla bean

    I used Coconut Oil Once and Coconut Butter another time. I think I liked the oil more?

    But over all. GREAT RECIPE! Totally YUM!
    Was craving Protein. and this totally hit the spot!

  • http://www.brittnisisle.com Brittni

    Coconut Oil is the oil and the coconut butter is the flesh and the oil ground together.

    We have Both.

    link to coconut butter:

    Coconut butter has a peanut butter like texture.

    Coconut oil has a oil-y texture (lol how would u explain it?)

    I love them both! lol

  • Jana

    Hi Brittni. Thanks for clarifying that. Coconut Oil (no fiber) has been called Coconut Butter for decades. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coconut_oil

    What that particular product is is a coconut cream concentrate, just pureeing the whole flesh. Like this product – http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/coconut_cream_concentrate.htm
    Unfortunately Artisana decided to call their product (which is very new to the market) “coconut butter” even though it is not and that name has been used to describe coconut oil/butter (fiberless oil/fat) for like forever. I think that company is solely to blame for the mass confusion among raw food recipes that use the oil and still continue to sometimes refer to the oil as butter, or even wrote the recipes long before that product ever existed. I think most people who write recipes using that product mention it by name/brand, but either way they have confused the market, getting people to use it in recipes that really were referring to the oil. For now on I will always refer to it as oil or butter/oil, but they still confused it for all the recipe books that have been out for years and years already, as well as hijacking the name. Too bad….

  • http://www.brittnisisle.com Brittni

    Oh I see! Thanks so much for the Info.!

    So its Coconut Cream Concentrate! Got Ya! I’ll keep that in mind. it totally sucks that there always seems to be something that brings confusion! Bad Artisana for causing such a Mix up. :-p they should have called it something different!

    Once again. thanks for the info. It will totally help me in the future when it comes to recipes! (since there is a pretty big difference in texture and taste from Coconut butter/oil and Coconut Cream Concentrate!AKA Artsiana Coconut Butter.. :-p lol)


  • http://gcrush.com georgette

    this looks amazing! thank you for the very useful information of flax vs. hemp, I really appreciated the clarification :)

    I look forward to making this shortly

  • http://www.100amazonia.com Fernanda Stefani

    An alternative version of this hemp shake would be to use acai frozen pulp instead of the blueberries. Since bananas past worderfully well with acai, which is a super food, no doubt that this recipe would be a hit! For the best acai quality, I would suggest you to buy the 100g packs available in supermarkets, either from AcaiRoots or AmazonPlanet, once they are the closest to the real brazilian fruit.

  • Zoe

    The comments on here are kind of old, but I hope you’ll still see my question. Lately agave has come into question whether it’s really healthy or not, so I have been avoiding using it. I was wondering if there was any particular reason why you use agave instead of dates to sweeten your smoothie? I make a hemp smoothie using 2 Barhi dates to sweeten for a big glass and it’s really delish. Thanks!

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