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I don’t believe in one-stop shopping. Only in America do we have these enormous superstores that not only carry every product imaginable but encourage you to spend your entire day there by offering disgusting fast food right there in the store to provide you with enough quick energy to keep you from dropping while you’re shopping.

Specialty stores have always been more my style. Especially when it comes to eco products for the home. While the big name home stores are making it easier for you to stylishly deck out your house without forsaking your responsibility to the planet, I’m always on the lookout for someplace where environmental friendliness is the norm. Where I can trust that I’m making a healthy purchase of quality.

And I think I’ve found it.

While Wildflower Organics has long been a favorite Austin shopping destination for the eco-minded Texan, their site is new. Offering “luxurious, natural products from around the world” for every room in your house, it’s about as one-stop eco as you can get.

According to their site, the people behind Wildflower Organics “are retail pioneers with the foresight and integrity to keep it green without compromise to environmental responsibility, luxury, comfort or style.”

Selling everything from organic bedding (including natural mattresses) and upholstery to lighting, clothing and bath goods, it’s a bit overwhelming — but in a good way. It’s the kind of online superstore I could spend all day in. (And I wouldn’t need fast food to keep me energized.)

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