Green Tourism Could Mean More Greenbacks For Wisconsin

wisconsin greentraveling 01 Green Tourism Could Mean More Greenbacks For Wisconsin

What does it take to change the focus of the masses towards more sustainable lifestyles? If we ask the good folks of Wisconsin, they’d tell us it takes coordinating all types of groups, including government, business, and active citizens. And what you’d discover is that participants become more involved in their communities, which the key to making real change happen.

Travel Green Wisconsin — created in 2004 as an ad hoc advisory committee of business leaders, government agencies, and non-profits — is recreating the recreation landscape in Wisconsin. Their goal: educate people about sustainable tourism practices and promote businesses that are going for the green – both environmentally and fiscally. Why? A full three quarters of Americans have decided to lead greener lifestyles, but this dedication rarely carries over to vacations.

wisconsin greentraveling 02 Green Tourism Could Mean More Greenbacks For Wisconsin

Check it out here.

Green is good for Green. In terms of marketing, companies that apply to Travel Green and get a favorable rating gain an advantage over their competitors. According to Travel Green, 78% of people surveyed cited environmentally conscious tourism as important when deciding where to vacation. An added benefit to the community is that businesses who decided to apply for ratings became more active in helping solve problems together. For Wisconsin at least, Green is becoming mainstream.

The question that sticks in my mind is how other tourism communities can adopt and adapt these principles to invigorate sustainability and environmental sensibility. Any suggestions?

wisconsin greentraveling 03 Green Tourism Could Mean More Greenbacks For Wisconsin

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