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woven005 WOVEN | This Weeks Featured Artist

When I heard Woven was coming to play in our studios, the first question I had was about the name. After listening to their music, you get the point. It really does interlace sound in a specific way from interconnected elements. I’m not a music reviewer so no spewing of various adjectives arranged in a way that has you go, “Hmmm.” But I will tell you they are G and after they left I couldn’t get the songs out of my head.


Made up of 6 guys (5 in the band and a traveling sound man who is key to the production of their electronic/rock sound), they’re about to embark on their 2007 journey called “The Foliage Tour”. 20 cities in 30 days tour may not seem G but a diet of locally grown farm raised produce from each city in a 28 foot RV converted to consume Veggie fuel puts them on the map. Recycling fryer grease and promoting eating close to home, the band has an intention to be a fully sustainable tour and is excited to be living on the road in a G way.

woven006 WOVEN | This Weeks Featured Artist

For more information about the genesis of their sound, the point of their music and the commitment to being gas station free, tune in to our show in the G Living studios. The band says it’s one thing to go out and have a great time and leave a Woven concert happy and entirely another to make memories without leaving a huge footprint of plastic, paper and diesel waste in the wake of a good time. Enjoy the show!

woven004 WOVEN | This Weeks Featured Artist

Checkout Woven’s official site and sample some of thier previous albums WOVENMUSIC.COM

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