Y Water | Nutrient Rich / Y not?

y water 002 Y Water |  Nutrient Rich / Y not?

If you’re a thirsty design fanatic, I have just the thing for you. Y water is a new organic, nutrient-rich low calorie beverage with its HQ just a stone’s throw from G Living in increasingly verde Venice Beach. Aimed specifically at children, Y water is also guaranteed to unleash the big kid in you.

Let’s quench our thirst first. The brightly colored line consists of four beverages: “brain” employs zinc to promote mental performance; “immune” contains vitamins A, C & E to strengthen the immune system; “muscle” utilizes magnesium for muscle performance; and “bone” is packed full of calcium to keep bones and teeth strong.

Drinking done, it’s time for the fun part. The 100% recyclable bottles are 100% reusable as a “creative developmental aid”. The imaginatively named “Y knots” connect the bottles together — inspiring children to get creative while being reminded of the importance of recycling.

Y water? Isn’t it obvious?

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