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As human beings, we crave individuality. We want bespoke suits. We want customized license plates (GLROX, anyone?). We want hand knitted sweaters (as long as our mothers aren’t the designers). And we want our very own made-to-order nutrition bars.

Well, I’m happy to inform you that at least one of our basic human rights is being catered to.

You Bar is the brainchild of a Los Angeles-based mother and son team who dreamt up the idea after becoming frustrated by the limitations of commercial nutrition bars. Snowboarding, belly-dancing mom Ava wanted something not too sweet and packed with protein, whereas USC business student and marathon running son Anthony preferred a bar high in carbs but without milk products. When regular nutrition bars didn’t deliver, they took matters into their own hands. The result? Freshly made, delicious bars free of preservatives and corn syrup.

Popular bars include: Honey and Cashew; Great Date with Chocolate; or the Breakfast Bar with coffee, cocoa and cinnamon. Or to get the full customized service, go to the build-a-bar section on their site, where you’ll have the option of choosing a base, protein powders, nuts/seeds, dried fruits & berries, sweeteners, seasonings, grains/cereals even infusions.

And the best part is, you even get to name your bar.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll call my date/almond bar with shredded coconut and nutty-rice-cereal bar a Sarah special. How very individualistic of me.

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