5 Lesser-Known Types of Kitchen Utensils for Carnivores

Are you a carnivore in the kitchen? Do your meals of choice come from the butcher shops? If so, you’ll need to read on. There are right and wrong ways to cook meats. If you want to elevate your carnivorous cooking, you’ll need some of these lesser-known tools. The guide will examine 5 unique types of kitchen utensils to cook beef, pork, and chicken.

Unlock your potential in the kitchen with the right gear.

types of kitchen utensils

  1. Meat Thermometer

Never leave cook times up to chance again. The meat thermometer is a handy and cheap tool that will revolutionize your meat cooking techniques.

Every kitchen in the world should add one of these to the repertoire. Nothing can ruin quality meat like overcooking it. With a meat thermometer, you can achieve the perfect temp every time. This could be your best bet when it comes to kitchen utensils for meat.

Worrying about rare, medium-rare, and well-done is a think of the past. Carnivores everywhere, rejoice.

  1. Sous Vide

Move over crockpots and ovens. A new generation of cooking is emerging. Sous vide is evolving the way meat is cooked. Sous vide comes from the French process of cooking under a vacuum seal.

The device is an electric heater that maintains a set temp and circulates the water. This process cooks meats in a vacuum-sealed bag to your ideal temp.

Finish the piece of meat on the grill for the most consistent, best-tasting food you’ve ever cooked.

  1. Cast-Iron Skillet

Of course, if you still want to cook in the traditional way, that’s okay. Yet, there is a correct way to do that as well. One of the best ways to cook meat is in a cast-iron pan.

Cast-iron pans are versatile, durable, and inexpensive. There is a cast-iron technique regardless of what cut of meat you cook.

This will swiftly become your favorite pan.

  1. Quality Knives

Everyone knows you need knives in the kitchen. However, if you cook a lot of meat, the most valuable tool will be quality knives.

The difference between nice and cheap knives is staggering. When it comes to cutting meat raw or cooked, nice knives are the only way to go.

Carnivores should consider treating themselves to a nice cleaver, boning, carving, and chef’s knife.

When it’s finally time to sit down at the table to eat, purchase this steak knife.

  1. Tenderizing Mallet

Remember when Rocky Balboa was training and he was sparring with a slab of meat? Well, the champ was giving that beef a quality tenderizing.

Fortunately, to do this at home you don’t need to go to war with the meat, you just need a tenderizing mallet.

One of these handy kitchen mallets is your key to turning tough meat into tender cuts. The tool can be used on chicken, steak, pork, and whatever else.

The hammer helps break down the connective tissue and fibers that are tough to chew. Try it out and you’ll never think of meat the same.

Own These Types of Kitchen Utensils

Before you visit your butcher, stock up on these tools. These types of kitchen utensils will change the way you cook meat. Good luck and Bon appetite.

If you found this helpful article, stick around. There is a wealth of kitchen ideas on the blog.

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