5 Reasons Why Your Garbage Disposal Is Leaking

How does it feel to have leaking garbage disposal within the house, maybe? Frustrating, right?? Yes, leaking garbage disposal makes the floor wet and slippery after some time. It may worsen the damage if not corrected as early as possible. Fortunately, if you? re-experiencing such trouble, no need to find a plumber. This article will reveal how to fix leakages and potential reasons that may cause leaking. Let’s find out.

What are the causes of garbage disposal leaking?

1- Exhausted gaskets

The moment you discover leaking garbage disposal, check the gasket-part between the rubber seal and the flange. In case there’s a discharge, then the gasket is faulty. The gasket may have served for so long until it gets worn out, starting to drip. Another thing, if the disposer is rarely used, there’s a possibility of the gasket drying up and leaking in turn. A poorly sealed gasket can face a similar problem as well.

2- A leaky flange

This defect is mostly experienced at the peak points of the garbage disposal system. The flange is situated at the point where the sink drain meets the disposal unit. Various reasons could develop leakage in this area? for example, the first check to confirm if the three mounting bolts are tightly fixed.? Dripping water indicates there’s a problem with the flange. Secondly, it could be due to a failed putty used as a seal.

3- Loose drain lines

It’s vital to consider checking the spot at which the lines meet the garbage disposal unit. This is because garbage disposal units can potentially leak from these lines. There are two lines, including the thinner dishwasher and the thicker sewer disposal. As you inspect, consider wear and tear as a concern. This is because continuous use can lead to the development of cracks that may cause leaking.

4- Loosened bolts and seals

Many garbage disposal units have pipes fixed under the sink since we’ve extra space for storing other items under it, the unit is likely to be tempered. For instance, if someone accidentally hits the pipe hard, it may change its position, not remain straight. Frequently using that space under the sink may knock the pipes, making them ineffective.

?5- A leaky reset button

If you notice the root cause of leaking is from the reset button, buy a new one.

How to fix garbage disposal leaking

The following are tips on how to fix garbage disposal leakages;

  1. To fix an exhausted gasket, you need a new replacement. Afterward, mend it using the below steps;
  • Disengage the drain and separate the plug from the main unit.
  • Tightly hold the sealing nut and rotate it in the clockwise direction. After the unit falls, swap the old gasket with the new. Position it carefully to fit at the exact point as the previous, allowing it to pop.
  • Take it back under the sink and confirm if it’s proper and ready for re installation.
  • Check the tightening at every spot before attaching the drains and test to confirm no more leakage.
  1. For a leaky flange, replace the putty. Start by unscrewing the bolts until a gap is left, then fix the putty between the flange and pipe then tighten the pins.
  2. If loose drain lines are the cause of alarm, use a screwdriver to hold up the clamp connecting the dishwasher to the garbage disposal system. Furthermore, tighten the screws around the dishwasher area.
  3. Check out for loosened bolts and seals. In cases of any, spot the parts looking out of place and fasten the bolts around them. Consider fitting a new roll of putty if leaking doesn’t stop.
  4. A leaking reset button has no two ways about it. The only option is to replace it with a new one for effective functioning. Choosing to repair wastes cash as the problem tends to reoccur. Therefore, it’s recommended you get to the store and purchase another one. Some manufacturers might provide repair services within the warranty period of your unit. If not, seek assistance from an expert or check with your home warranty provider to see if it is covered under your specific policy.

Garbage disposal leaking from the bottom

The moment you suspect the leaking source is from the bottom, the chances of buying another garbage disposal unit are high. However, before making conclusions, counter check to verify that it’s from the bottom.

The leading cause of garbage disposal leaking from the bottom is a broken internal seal. The seal functions to offer protection against leakages. Over a long time with consistent use, the seal wears out, becoming defective.

A cracked shell case is also a potential source of leaking at the bottom. Nonetheless, whether the disposal unit leaks due to a broken seal or cracked shell, the same thing applies- buying a new unit.

Options for sorting this problem are limited but remember that water and electricity never mix. You can’t take the risk. Consequently, repair should be as quick as possible to avoid any potential dangers. It’s, therefore, suitable to buy new disposal as it’ll last between 8-15 years, thus worth it.

Garbage disposal leaking from the bottom

How can you prevent garbage disposal leakages?

  • Avoid dumping hard materials into the disposal unit. Read the unit’s manual to understand better.
  • Avoid disposing of starchy and fibrous foods into the grinder.
  • Crush larger wastes into tiny pieces.
  • Learn to flush the sink with cold water.
  • Carry out regular cleaning of the grinder.

The Bottom Line

As we’ve learned earlier, garbage disposal leaking could be caused by defective gaskets, faulty flanges, loose bolts, damaged seals, and so on. You should solve these issues by replacing the whole unit or fixing some parts. You don’t have to contact a plumber for a repair.

Many homeowners prefer doing the work by themselves, which saves money. You may probably want to add an electrical cord if you’re reinstalling it all by yourself; otherwise, hire an expert when you wish to hardwire an electrical panel to the disposal unit.

It’s crucial to practice a cleanliness routine to prevent clogging and bad smell. Additionally, don’t dispose of starchy wastes, large-pieced portions of food into the unit, tempering with the space around the sink, among others. Let’s keep our disposal garbage units out of leakages.

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