7 Knife Storage Ideas to Keep Your Utensils Looking Great

Are you looking for the best knife storage ideas? Knives are important tools in your kitchen, and failing to give them proper storage is dangerous.

While chopping and cutting vegetables, a good knife makes it easy and enjoyable to prepare good food. Leaving knives in the kitchen drawer will make them dull and lead to corrosion.

Also, improper storage will damage the knife blades. Try and keep your knives away from dust and moisture.

It’s vital to have proper storage for your knives to have a better cutting experience, and the knives will last longer. That’s why learning how to store your kitchen gadgets is important.

We have come up with a few knife storage tips for you. Keep reading to understand the seven different methods of knife storage.

  1. Knife Block

Kitchen knife blocks are the most common knife storage idea because it is one of the safest ways to do it. The block holds many knives in one place and is also a convenient display.

Also, the blocks save a lot of space on the counter, and it is easy to use. Knife blocks protect the edges of your knife blades, which extends their longevity. We recommend not to force knives into slots that do not fit.

The good thing is that a few knife blocks have a sharpening material inside. When you insert and remove your knives, the blade sharpens automatically.

Since the knives are often not in contact with moisture, they have protection from corrosion. The blocks are in many designs, like the diagonal shapes for countertop knife blocks.

Choosing knife blocks with slots on the top side makes your knife collection seem cleaner and elegant.

  1. Magnetic Knife Bar

Using magnetic knife strips is another great way of storing your knives. Magnetic knife bars are now common in most homes.

Since they cost less and are convenient in storing and accessing knives, storage is very popular. If you have less space in the kitchen, using a magnetic knife strip is a good idea.

You have a precise view of the knife collection. Since the strip allows you to view each available knife, it reduces your search time.

You need to check the magnet quality before buying the knife strip. Often, the equipment has a neodymium magnet inside it that holds the magnet. The magnet has to be strong to enable it to hold the knives.

  1. Knife Storage Box

The knife storage box is one of the safest knife storage ideas. The box has a lock underneath that aids in keeping the knives safe, and it easily holds knives that are up to 16 inches long.

The storage will hold all the key steak knives, and it will organize up to 24 steak knives. Since the knife holder has a few divisions, you should keep one blade in each slot.

  1. Under Cabinet Knife Storage

Another great way to store your kitchen knives is using the under cabinet knife storage. Under-cabinet knife storages are an expensive method of storing all types of knives.

If you seek the safest way of storing kitchen knives, under cabinet knife storage is your solution. The storage perfectly hides the knife blades.

You don’t need to worry about having dull knives. The storage has a hinge that holds the blades and separates them from touching each other.

Once you begin using this mode of knife storage, you will find it easy to locate all your knives since all the blades are visible when you open the storage. The heavy-duty hinge will withstand everyday usage.

Though the method is expensive, it is among the safest ways of knife storage. In addition, it does not occupy much space in the kitchen hence leaving more space for other kitchen utensils.

  1. In-Drawer System

If the magnetic racks and knife blocks give you visions of your knife falling, and the in-drawer system will relax your mind. They are more suitable for restaurant knives like the Messermeister chef’s knives since they are the safest way to store your knives.

The kitchen storage is a safe way to store your knives, and it accommodates all knife collections. Since the kitchen storage is safe, it is ideal for kids and pets who love getting on kitchen countertops.

But, you will need an extra kitchen drawer to accommodate the knife storage. If you have less kitchen space and love collecting dozens of kitchen gadgets, you need the storage.

Utensils Looking Great
  1. Knife Roll Bag

Are you looking for knife storage that you can travel with during your trip? The knife roll bag is your solution. You can easily roll and bundle it up while traveling.

Knife roll bags are among the safest ways of knife storage. Each aspect of the storage design adheres to safety.

The premium rivets and thick canvas will provide maximum safety and durability. Another amazing feature of the storage is that you can store knives of different sizes.

Knife roll bags easily hold up to 15 knives, making them perfect for all your kitchen knives. Once you roll it, it appears like a bag, and you can travel with it.

But, it would help if you did not keep the knife roll bags in the kitchen. It would help if you oiled your knives before storing them.

  1. Individual Sheaths

Are you beginning to come up with your kitchen knife collection? You will need individual sheaths because you don’t need a big and comprehensive knife storage solution.

The individual sheaths are affordable, lightweight, and easy to travel with during a trip. The knife storage option provides a great temporary solution for a weekend getaway.

But, if you do not dry your knives well, the storage traps moisture in each sheath, leading to corrosion.

Consider the Above Knife Storage Ideas

Since knives are expensive, you do not want to change them often. We know the above knife storage ideas have given you some storage tips.

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