page title icon Are Blueberries Acidic? Blueberries and an Alkaline Diet for Good Health

Have you been looking for the healthiest diet that’ll have zero side effects? Alkaline diet is what you need. Although some foods are healthy and offer essential nutrients to the body, being acidic cancel them out. When it comes to healthiness, serious consideration is needed to make the appropriate decision.

Going into alkaline diet is one of the choices that’ll lead you to your fitness goal. But the question is, are blueberries among the foods in alkaline diet? Or are they acidic? Keep reading to find out more about blueberries and an alkaline diet for good health.

Are Blueberries Acidic

Understand the alkaline diet

The purpose of introducing alkaline diet is to balance the Ph in your body and make your system remain in the perfect condition. Most foods today are acidic, causing many people to suffer from inappropriate Ph levels. When you eat foods rich in acid, it’ll make your blood acidic. As a result, your body will experience some discomfort and get weaker to welcome all sorts of diseases. This is where alkaline diet serves you right. It makes your body more alkaline, hence a ‘no place’ for cancer to breed.

Alkaline foods include fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables. It’s important to understand that Ph varies in the body. There is no set level. Some areas are acidic, while others are alkaline. The stomach is highly acidic due to hydrochloric acid; hence alkaline is needed to control it. Blood also benefits from alkaline diet. When its Ph is below average, it causes irreversible damage if not treated. Diseases like diabetes, starvation and alcohol are the causes of an abnormal reading of blood PH.

What are the benefits of alkaline diet?

Alkaline demands for high intake of fruits and vegetables, in turn, potassium and sodium levels are increased in the body. These two are significant factors for healthy bones, strengthened muscles, and minimal chances of hypertension and stroke.

It increases growth hormone production, recovers cardiovascular health, boosts memory, brain functioning and many more.

Alkaline diet fattens the amount of magnesium in the body, which is useful in the body in many ways. It activates Vitamin D, which means all benefits of this vitamin are assuredly promoted.

Are blueberries acidic?

Blueberries are known for its richness in nutrients it provides to the body. It’s one of the healthiest fruits to consume. If you’re in search of a fruit that offers few calories and improves your overall health, blueberries are the one. Among all berries existing, it has the most benefitting nutrients and is found in all places of the world.

85% of blueberry is water, and a cup of it contains about 84 calories. Other constituents of blueberries include:

  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C
  • Manganese
  • Fibre

Sadly, this highly nutritious fruit is a natural source of sugar. One cup of blueberry contains almost 15 grams of carbohydrates. Regardless of their excellent health usefulness, they do not fit in the alkaline diet. But this doesn’t mean you completely cut them off from your diet. They are slightly acidic, and it’s advantageous does some good to the body. Having minerals and antioxidant properties count out harmful acidity effects. Are you strictly following alkaline diet and scared of dragging down your efforts for maintaining acid-free immune? If so, you probably battling between removing blueberries from your diet or keeping it and benefit from its healthiness. Look at these wonderful works of blueberries:

Improves blood cholesterol levels

A high amount of bad cholesterol has many negative effects on your system. It’s an entrance for endless health problems, heart attack being the main. Eating blueberry provides oxidative protection, hence gives you healthy cardiovascular functioning.

Keeps the brain functioning in check

As you get older, your brain ages too, making its operational abilities lose. If you want to protect yourself from having cognitive declination in your old days, make blueberries your all-time meal. In-depth research shows that these fruits delay your brain ageing by 2.5 years.

Lowers blood pressure

Blood pressure is among the number one killer diseases, daily consumption of blueberry reduces blood pressure and improves arterial functioning. High blood pressure is a great contributor to stroke, heart attack, and many other terrifying illnesses. Blueberry has stood out as the most potent medication, more superior to different types of cure.

Protects your cells

Ever heard of DNA damage? Research shows DNA damage occurs about thousands of times a day in each body’s cell. It’s one of the major factors contributing to getting old, and it facilitates cell-related diseases like cancer. The antioxidants present in blueberries deactivates the radical cells that lead to DNA damage. To give you pleasing news, consuming blueberries frequently may reduce your chances of getting cancer. It’s an ideal way of limiting your cells from getting damaged.

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Blueberries and an Alkaline Diet for Good Health

How To Incorporate Alkaline Diet

Eating healthy is never easy, but it’s possible. Nutritious meals don’t have to be tasteless and unenjoyable. No. On the contrary, many healthy foods are delicious. Alkaline diet requires you to eat the following:

  • High-quality whole foods

Alkaline diet means eating super healthy foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be your real meal fillers. Focus on equipping your body with a balanced diet, which means eating a wide variety of foods. Consuming the same kind of food weakens your body by denying it necessary nutrients offered by other recipes.

  • Reject trans fats and hydrogenated oils

Trans fats are found everywhere. They are available in processed foods including baked foods, candies and anything branded with cooking oil. Instead of hydrogenated oils, use organic types like coconut oil, olive, avocado, almond and peanut. These artificial oils negatively affect the immune system and are the major causes of tumours.

  • Plenty of water and fibre

Enough fibre and water fasten the elimination process of wastes, which means that your body will remain clean, and no toxins will get reabsorbed in the body. It also reduces opportunities for harmful bacteria to dominate your immune.

The Bottom Line

Are blueberries acidic? Yes. But slightly. Despite the high range of plentiful benefits, they provide to the body, blueberries are unfit for alkaline diet. You may need to avoid them if you’re a strict follower of alkaline diet. But you don’t need to cut off from your diet completely, they do better than harm. Measure your health goals and see whether taking them is inconvenient or harmless to you.

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