Best Frozen Hamburger Patties Review & Buying Guide 2022

Do you know that you can make delicious burgers in your home by yourself? Yeah, you don’t need to go to a restaurant and spend your bucks because we are bringing for you the best-frozen hamburger patties.

Most of us like hamburgers but are afraid to try them at home because making a tasty burger requires so much effort and time than you would think. In this case, frozen hamburger patties would always be a quick and easy alternative for you.

The frozen hamburger patties allow fresh beef from naturally bred cows. Not only that, but they are also offering safety certification.


But that is enough? You have to be careful while purchasing a frozen meal. For that, there are certain factors to know which we have covered on this page.

In addition to that, it’s a myth that frozen meals are not good for health. They are indeed healthy but not healthiest. Not all frozen meals are created equal; there are so many beneficial options for your health.

To help you with that, we have come with the finest hamburger patties that are completely made of organic meat. Let’s take a look to find the best one for you.

5 Best Frozen Hamburger Patties

Name & Image

Top Features
Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat

Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat

  • Include 40 frozen patties

  • 35% less saturated

  • 20 gram protein per serving

16 Classic Steakburgers from Kansas City Steaks

16 Classic Steakburgers from Kansas City Steaks

  • One pack with 4.5 ounce

  • Can take 6 minutes on each side grilling

  • Original seasonal steak seasoning packet

Venison Ground Bricks

Cuisinart C77TR 15P

  • All natural ingredients

  • 4 count in 1 Lb packet

  • Freshly frozen shipping

TRIBALI Foods ? Organic Patties

TRIBALI Foods ? Organic Patties

  • 4 4oz patties per box

  • 100% grass fed

  • 100% free range turkey

Ball Park Beef Patty

Ball Park Beef Patty

1- Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat

Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat

The Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat is the best overall hamburger patties. It offers rich nutritional value, so you make your dinner better. It lets you cook quickly and efficiently with high protein levels.

These patties provide true taste and texture. With pure organic ingredients, it doesn’t compromise its taste and its sustainability.

The ingredients used in these patties are fully naturally fed. Furthermore, it is using the same building blocks as meat.

For instance, the patties are also processed with pressurized heating as well as cooling. This process makes a fibrous texture so that you will get great benefits.

Best of all, it is a perfect solution because of both soy and gluten-free. There are 260 calories and 20g of protein available in each four-ounce patty. Thus, these patties are non-GMO ingredients and expert innovation.

Moreover, the best-frozen hamburgers patties can be prepared on the grill without much effort. Unlike beef burgers, they come in less saturated fat and have a pink interior.

These patties come with a flavor punch that never lets you leave the bun. Indeed, these provide true magical taste.

  • No cholesterol
  • Non-GMO
  • Comes with a bulky package
  • Slim and lean patties
  • Highly processed
  • Expensive


Not only that, but it also offers no antibiotics, no hormones, less saturated fat, and without cholesterol. Overall, it is one of the best burger patties but lacks taste when not seasoning.

2- 16 Classic Steakburgers from Kansas City Steaks

Frozen Hamburger Patties for burgers

The 16 Classic Steakburgers from Kansas City Steaks is another exclusive option for the best-frozen hamburger patties.

The patties have mouthwatering steak because of the unbeatable American flavor. It provides the best quality as it promises. With cord-fed beef in Western Kansas, it ensures the same standards that other best-selling patties hold.

Lots of reviews have claimed that these patties have a different fan base. This brand also allows a 100% money-back guarantee so you will not face any problem.

Rich with flavor as well as fresh and tender. Furthermore, they are slightly lighter than an average patty. Each packet lets you get over 8 vacua sealed pouches with two patties each.

More than that, it is offering an 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio. When you cook, its fat melt so you can get delicious juice. This also saves shrinking in the finished product.

If you are one of them who chooses patties because of convenience rather than taste, then these patties are recommended for you. It is why it comes with a seasoning packet, so you have a lot of flavors effortlessly.

Best of all, these patties can easily be grilled. You can cook them right out of the freezer. There is no need to wait, and you can also refreeze after they have been thawed.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Steak book included
  • Grill right out of the freezer
  • Also, be stove easily
  • Unknown calories and proteins


Overall, these patties are Jambo-packed which would be enough for every party guest. Indeed, it would be one of your favorite burger patties.

3- Venison Ground Bricks

Venison Ground Bricks

Next up, we have the Venison Ground Bricks that you will love by heart. It is a great alternative when it comes to hamburger patties. Not only that, it is full of nutrients so you will get healthy meat.

Venison has so many benefits for health. The first one is that it comes from wild sources to get organic with less saturated fat. It is also leaner as compared to beef.

These patties are best for those who want more protein. It is because deer meat allows more protein than any other red meat. Also, it offers lesser calories as compared to chicken.

Let’s take an example here if you have a four-ounce burger with 30 grams of protein and 220 calories. It would save you from starving for many hours, and your diet would also not be killed.

Out of the best features, it comes rich in nutrients, iron, and vitamin B. Not only that, there is a linoleic which also improves heart health.

Moreover, you also knew that venison is not wild. It doesn’t come with steroids as well as antibiotics. It has also come with four one-pound packages, with a unique taste, so you have some delicious burgers.

But here is one thing that you should keep in your mind that it offers a slightly different taste. It offers extremely quick service.

Besides that, if you tend to cook fast, then these patties are for you. They are not good at the taste but always a reliable choice for hamburgers.

  • Comes with lean meat
  • Rich with proteins
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Full of freshness
  • Expensive
  • Are not preformed


Overall, it includes a mixture of 96% venison and 4% beef that helps your patty evenly and retains moisture.

4- TRIBALI Foods Organic Patties

tribali food patties

The TRIBAL Foods Organic Patties come in an easy and quick form to grill. It lets you get organic protein so you will stay healthy all time.

These chicken patties by TRIBALI foods allow outstanding qualities. It comes from a sustainable source and humanely raised because fed by grass.

Best of all, it comes with each patty in 4 oz with 4 packets in each box. These patties are best for paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy, and other health and weight-loss diets.

Other than that, it provides so many variations and many sizes of packages, such as it is available Umami beef, Mediterranean style beef, chipotle chicken, and more, including combinations.

Another feature about the patties is that it has been sustainably sourced and humanly raised, making it pure and delicious.

The best thing about the patties is, it takes you less than 5 minutes to ready the meal for you even if you have deeper freeze them.

Additionally, these patties are organic with high protein. In addition to this, it lets you get different types of meats and flavors in unique packages.

Besides all, many reviews appreciated its taste. Thus, in terms of fully flavored hamburgers, these patties nailed it.

  • With high protein diets
  • Sustainably raised
  • Purely organic
  • Worth for price
  • None found so far


Overall, if you have a busy lifestyle and want to get gluten, soy, and dairy-free patties for your hamburgers, the TRIBALI Foods packet is all you need.

5- Ball Park Beef Patty

Ball Park Beef Patty

The Ball Park Beef Patty is made from 100% organic meat. With premium beef quality and true taste, these patties are providing rich flavor.

Each box of patties comes with 6 pre-cooked patties. These are processed by a flame grill method. Not only that, they allow barbeque flavor. It is because they seal with this taste.

This is recommended for those who are hungry and want to get a delicious hamburger, then it best to prepare in minutes. The pre-cooked meat is ready to deliver you great taste.

More than that, the Ball Park Beef Patty is free from artificial flavors. The preservation method is also impressive, and you will get high protein with these patties.

There is no need to scoff at them because this packet will bring a flavorful taste. For the price, you will appreciate them as well.

Moreover, you can also cook them in the microwave. You just need to pop them in the microwave and adjust the temperature. They will be ready within minutes. You will be amazed at no artificial taste.

However, it is worth mentioning that it can be overcooked fast. So when you cook in the microwave, then do care to get the best taste.

  • Smoke grilled taste
  • 100% beef patties
  • Easy to cook
  • Excellent microwave burger
  • Contains corn syrup


Hence, if you are looking for reasonable hamburger patties, it is always one of the top recommendations. The taste is the on-point and perfect size for a bun.

Frozen Hamburger Patties Buying Guide

So many factors are required when you have to buy the best-frozen hamburger patties. Here you will see which tips need your consideration to choose for the grill or cook your patties in a pro way.

frozen hamburger patties

Where Meat Came From?

We already knew that eating burgers/junk food daily will not impact well on our health. It will keep your health down, and things can go wrong in this regard. If you want to stay healthy, then you should get a healthy diet. So if you want to keep your health good and craving for hamburgers, you should learn the first thing, which is a source of meat. You should know where the meat is coming from for burgers.

When the point is where the meat comes from, then you will go to check cows. There you should also check what cows eat or breed, how you feed your cows. To get healthy, you should make sure you are getting full nutrients in meat. So it would be best to make the source better for your animals.

In summary, you should feed them organically to get the best meat.

How the Cows Are Fed?

The cows are more benefits grown up in a natural way where no artificial hormones are not used. The diet for cows should also be naturally bred so you can get organic meat or milk from them, which later will impact goo on your health. Rather the cows with chemical feeding left bad impacts on health and often lead to life-threatening diseases.

That’s why we focus on getting meat or patties labeled with organic or grass-fed. This provides more safety and guarantees chemical-free growth.

How are the Hamburgers Prepared?

The hamburger patties are needed for that. In this regard, you will need to know the ingredients that they have mentioned on the packages. In addition to this, there is also needed consideration for the percentage of beef in the patty. It should be below. If it is high, you have to compromise over its extenders, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

In addition to this, patties should be pure with minimal synthetic chemicals and pure meat. Other than that, you will need to how patties are frozen. It is best to get those patties that are frozen right after processing. This wat makes the patties stay fresh and keeps nutrition as it has.

Manufacturing Date

Last but not least, you should also look for the manufacturing date. This is a simple rule for scrimptions testing patties; fresh food always provides better taste. It ensures nutritional content, so you stay healthy. That’s why it is always suggested to check the packaging date to get fresh content and true taste.

Health Benefits and Concerns

Whether it is meaty frozen patties or vegans frozen patties, both are loaded rich in proteins. It makes the muscles strong and great for skin as well as hair health. The proteins and there are many other nutrients that you will get in patties, which makes your health better.

But you should know about the cholesterol level in each burger. It doesn’t matter either you are having animals or beef patties; it must have been fed GMOs, antibiotics, and steroids.

However, cholesterol is suggested for the average adult is up to 300 mg per day. The sodium is recommended 1500 mg per day for an average adult. In addition to this, it also depends on all the meals that you consume daily. This range can add up and may negatively impact your health.

Hence, you should check all the labels for nutrition information before purchasing.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind for storage, cooking, and grilling. Let us know which things are useful to you.

Once you have taken patties out from the freezer, it doesn’t mean you don’t thaw them back into the freezer. It will suffer from contamination. You have to make sure about the level of heat. It lets you cook the patties properly.

You should use a meat thermometer for surety either the meat has been cooked properly or not yet. It is also needed to check its internal temperature. It should be at least 160-degree F, so you have not got food-borne illnesses.

When it comes to grilling the patty, you should flip the patty only once even if you cook the meat. It doesn’t disturb the searing process, and you will get a fuller flavor.

Last but not so far the least, it is recommended you pay attention to the shelf life of frozen patties. It makes your patties fresh. For this purpose, it is good to place the patties in the back part of the freezer. It prevents your patties from fluctuations in temperature.


  • Are Frozen Burgers Beneficial For Your Health?

Frozen burgers are good for your health, but they should not be a priority first despite being freshly frozen compared to fresh burgers. However, if you want to get maximum nutrition, ensure that it is at least 100% beef and 100% USDA-certified organic. Also, check the manufacturing date and pay attention to fat, but that’s a tradeoff. The low fat in burgers gives you great health benefits while more fat is generally better for taste.

  • Can You Cook Frozen Burgers On The Stove?

Why not? You can surely cook the frozen burgers on the stove. To cook the burgers patties, there is no one preferred way than the stove. Even you can also cook in the microwave, but it can ruin the texture of the meat. So, we recommended you thaw the pan to get the most out of patties.

  • How Long Do Frozen Burgers Take In The Oven?

It depends on several factors, such as the size and thickness of patties. But generally, it takes 30-45 minutes to cook the frozen burger patties in the oven. Also, it varies on the temperature that you set for your oven. We recommend you to set 350 degrees.

  • Can You Cook A Frozen Hamburger Patty In The Microwave?

Yes, you can cook the hamburger patties in the microwave, but it is not recommended. The reason is that this way can alter the texture of the meat and also affects its look. Also, it can be overcooked or undercooked. However, if you want to cook in the oven, go for hamburger patties that allow cooking on high heating.

The Conclusion

All in all, we have considered all things regarding the best-frozen hamburger patties so you can get quality nutrition. But it doesn’t mean that tradeoff has to be great as various brands offering the best ones.

These hamburger patties have a truly noteworthy taste and unique texture. In short, they would be the best last-mile meal for you by allowing your wondering flavor. Still, if you have any questions, then you are very welcome here. Thank you for visiting us.

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