Best Oranges for Juicing – The Top List

Oranges are fashioned differently when it comes to juicing power. We all have ever tasted an orange and regretted cutting it because it was too bitter to eat. Some are not sour but lack the juiciness, or are too dry and give out nothing when squeezed.

Oranges can be the sweetest fruit, but the sweetness and flavor vary. Choosing the juiciest may be tough. This article will provide a collection of the best oranges for juicing and assist you in buying the right ones for making your juice.

Best Oranges for Juicing

1. Valencia

These types are the most popular and the best oranges for juicing. They take a longer time on trees than other varieties. As a result, they retain their flavor in potent quantities.

They have few seeds inside, roughly nine. Most commercial orange juice is made from them. The best time to get a fresh and sweet version of them is between April and December.

Sometimes you’ll find the green. Don’t think they are immature. The fruits are ripe and tasty only that they regreen to protect themselves from sunburn during hot seasons. They’ll still give juice and any other goodness they provide to the body. It’s just the color that changed.

Unlike other types, they don’t get bitter even after staying for long. So, you can store them in the refrigerator for a while without worrying about losing the taste. They are readily available in any market.

2. Tangerine

Tangerines are short-seasoned oranges. They are lowly bitter and make great juice. Though small, the amount of juiciness they give is fantastic. They are highly available in the early spring till the end of that season, from November to January. Their price is affordable.

What’s interesting about them is that they have the highest content of Vitamin C among the rest. So, if you want an immune booster, then they are the perfect pick for you.

They get spoilt quickly; hence you should store them in the fridge to keep them fresh.

3. Tangelo

Tangelos are quite different in appearance, have a prominent navel with a deep orange color. They are more tart compared to their fellow species. They are far much juicer and sweeter than the other varieties and worth being on the list of the best oranges for juicing.

4. Satsuma

Satsuma is a Japanese-type orange identified with its easiness to peel, unique sweetness, seedless, and a light, refreshing flavor. They are fantastic for juicing, though you’ll need to buy a big batch to make enough drinks. Go for this if you are ready to spend the extra cash, they are more expensive due to their uniqueness. Their time to blossom well is November till February.

5. Blood orange

These kinds of oranges come with their own defined appearance. Its inside is ruby-red in color and very fleshy. They produce a unique-looking juice that provides a taste that is distinguishable from other varieties. Their disadvantageousness comes at a high price. It may be unaffordable if your target is a low-budget fruit.

They are the highest antioxidants-providers making them the healthiest. They are available from the end of January to April and offer the best juice when mixed with other citrus fruits or taken singly.

6. Clementine

They are high juicing fruits, only that they are the smallest among all. They are lovely fruits for snacking raw or in a juice form. They are seedless, making your work more comfortable for not needing to struggle while putting them in the juicer. It’s the right choice for the winter season since they are available from November to April.

7. Navel

They are the world’s most known oranges. They are highly preferred due to their easiness of peel, access, and the best to snack on. The only downside is that they quickly become bitter if you delay eating them. You have to consume it immediately. You cut if you don’t want the sourness to destroy your cravings for it. They are best if you drink them immediately. So, only prepare a fixed amount to avoid disappointment.

They have limonene in the flesh rather than seeds. They are in season from December to April.

orange juice

How Do You Make Your Oranges Juicy?

Choosing the juiciest orange is not the only way to increase the juiciness. Some other applications can add flavor and make your fruit as perfect as you wanted. Here are the ways of juicing oranges:

Using the right juicer

The type of machine you use significantly affects the final result of your juice. There are many choices available like cold press juicers, wheatgrass juicers, and celery juicers. Ensure you pick a juicer that squeezes the whole juice from the orange.

Adding pulp afterward

Its effectiveness depends on the type of juicer you are using. Whichever your machine is, ensure the mixture is smooth and contains all the pulp. If the bits impress you, add the pulp after you’ve finished. Stir as you add them to make the mixture juicier and tastier.

Use a knife to peel it

No matter how easy it appears to peel off the orange with your hands, using a knife increases the juiciness. It makes sure all the juiceless-white part is removed from the outside and reduces the juicer’s mess. Cutting with a knife may appear more tiring than with hands, but the results are worth the extra effort.

Drink your juice immediately you grind

It’s a taste-safe to drink as soon as you make your drink. Apart from Valencia, the juice from other oranges can last about three days in the fridge. Alternatively, you can freeze it for almost six months. But the sooner you drink, the juicer and tastier it’ll be.

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The Bottom Line

Orange is a healthy and tasty fruit existing today. There are many available varieties to choose from, some are tastier than others. Knowing the right orange that produces a satisfying juice is sometimes tricky. But choosing from the selected few will make things easy for you. However, you might still find your fruit tasteless and produces less juice despite buying the top listed types.

It’s normal for that to happen since some determinants like seasons and mode of preparation can limit the final amount of juice. The secret is using the right juicer, peeling appropriately, and drinking immediately with your crush. Not forgetting to purchase an orange that belongs to the best oranges for juicing!

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