Top 10 Vegetable Knives – A Detailed Buyer’s Guide To Level-Up Your Culinary Skills!

The art of chopping and cutting vegetables is an essential skill that can either win you extra points for your cooking or drown you in the sorrow of lousy representation, poorly mixed puree, and what not! So if you want to make an impression with your cooking and level up in your culinary art, you need the best vegetable knives because the regular ones will not cut them.


There are millions of options available in the market concerning vegetable knives. So, we have taken it upon ourselves and come up with the top 10 knives to help you out. Also, don’t forget to check out our detailed buyer’s guide at the end of this article.

10 Best Vegetable Knives to buy in 2021



Top Features
DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife

DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife

Best Overall

  • Blade length: 6inches

  • Handle length: 5inches

  • Weight: 10.3ounces

  • Material: Alloy steel

Shun Utility Classic Knife

Shun Utility Classic Knife

  • Blade length: 6inches

  • Handle length: 7inches

  • Weight: 9.08ounces

  • Material: VG-MAX steel

W?STHOF Classic 8 Inch Chef?s Knife

W?STHOF Classic 8 Inch Chef?s Knife

  • Blade length: 8inches

  • Handle length: 5.4inches

  • Weight: 8.5ounces

  • Material: Stainless steel

J.A. Henckels International 31161-201 CLASSIC Chef's Knife

J.A. Henckels International 31161-201 CLASSIC Chef's Knife

  • Blade length: 8inches

  • Handle length: 4.5inches

  • Weight: 10.5ounces

  • Material: Stainless steel

Santoku Knife Professional

MAD SHARK Santoku Knife Professional

  • Blade length: 8inches

  • Handle length: 7.5inches

  • Weight: 8.6ounces

  • Material: Carbon steel

Imarku Pro Kitchen Knife

Imarku Pro Kitchen Knife

  • Blade length: 8inches

  • Handle length: 6inches

  • Weight: 12.8ounces

  • Material: Carbon steel

Hamilton Beach Commercial Wheatgrass Juicer

Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-Inch Produce Knife

  • Blade length: 6inches

  • Handle length: 4.2inches

  • Weight: 2.11ounces

  • Material: Japanese steel

Victorinox Swiss Army

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Straight Paring Knife

  • Blade length: 3.25inches

  • Handle length: 4inches

  • Weight: 1.6ounces

  • Material: European steel

HappyBuy Wheatgrass Extractor

DALSTRONG Nakiri Asian Vegetable Knife

  • Blade length: 7inches

  • Handle length: 5.5inches

  • Weight: 11.2ounces

  • Material: German HC Steel

Vegetable Knife

TradaFor Stainless Steel High Carbon Pro Chef Knife

  • Blade length: 7inches

  • Handle length: 5.5inches

  • Weight: 8.0ounces

  • Material: Stainless steel

1- DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife

DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife


The DALSTRONG Nakiri is one of the best vegetable knives made of Japanese steel and comes in a beautiful blade design. If you need a knife to cut your vegetables and fruits accurately, then trust us, you aren’t going to find something as good as this one.

The blade of this knife is made up of carbon stainless steel of Japanese quality and offers a sharpness that is unknown to many. The knife holds an excellent cutting edge and precise sharpness, allowing you to cut, chop and even mince fruits, vegetables and meat effectively.

The quality of the material that has been used for manufacturing this knife resists corrosion and rust efficiently. It has a long life span, but you will need professional sharpening help when the blade gets a little rusty.

DALSTRONG calls this knife to hold an aesthetically pleasing design, and it also effectively prevents the fruits and vegetables from sticking to the knife while you’re cutting. The handle is constructed out of industrial-grade G10 for an ergonomic design and allows you to slice or chop down ingredients at an incredible speed.

  • Complete steel structure
  • Commendable cutting performance
  • Aesthetic design
  • Prevents corrosion and rust
  • Not meant for regular home use

Final verdict:

The DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife comes in an all-metallic design and structure, making it difficult for regular home use. But if you’re a professional chef and need a cutting-edge knife, then go for it.

2- Shun Utility Classic Knife

Shun Utility Classic Knife


The Shun Utility Classic Knife will be an excellent addition to your cutlery, given how versatile it is. You can use it for several tasks ranging from large chopping tasks to smaller and more intricate cutting at hand.

This knife is smaller as compared to a chef’s knife, whereas larger than most paring knives. The best part is that Shun Utility Classic Knife can conveniently perform tasks that most other knives perform with much more precision.

It was manufactured in Japan and comes with a blade that is very thought yet highly durable and sturdier at the same time. The brand has used their exclusive steel as the blade material, which was later enforced with cobalt, tungsten, carbon, and chromium for utmost durability. After that, the blade was wrapped with Damascus stainless steel to resist wear and tear effectively.

What makes this knife even more worthy is that it’s lightweight and comes with a slightly curved belly that provides more efficiency when cutting accurately.

  • Extremely sharp
  • Ergonomic design
  • Engineered in japan
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The blade is quite prone to chipping

Final verdict,

The Shun Utility Classic Knife comes with a handle made out of wood/plastic material for an ergonomic and lightweight design. It’s easy to handle and works amazingly well, even for beginners.

3- WUSTHOF Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

W?STHOF Classic 8 Inch Chef?s Knife


We would like you to look into the following product is the WUSTHOF Classic 8inch Chef’s Knife. We are sure that whoever has used this knife has been using it for yours. It is the most popular vegetable table knife on the market, made of stainless steel, and comes in an ergonomic design.

It is an incredible choice that works very well in making western and Chinese cuisines both. We have cut, chopped, diced, and sliced an unlimited amount of ingredients (fruits and vegetables of various textures and thicknesses) with this knife, and it never ceases in wowing us.

The round belly design of WUSTHOF Classic 8 Inch, Chef’s Knife, makes it easy for the user to keep his momentum while cutting vegetables on the cutting board. In contrast, the carbon stainless steel construction makes it all the more durable and solid.

We also loved the 5-inch long handle made of durable thermoplastic, making it easier for the user to handle it and use it for extended intervals.

  • Heavy duty
  • Ergonomic design
  • Highly versatile
  • Solid construction
  • Pricey

Final verdict:

The WUSTHOF Classic 8inch Chef’s Knife is a commendable knife that is very comfortable to use, comes in an ergonomic design, and works incredibly for even years to come.

4- J.A. Henckels International 31161-201 CLASSIC Chef’s Knife

CLASSIC Chef's Knife


The J.A Henckels International 31161-201 Classic Chef’s Knife offers incredible cutting performance and can be used to complete a wide range of tasks at a very reasonable price.

This specific vegetable cutting knife is manufactured in Spain and features a stainless steel blade for the precise and sharp cutting edge. The Henckels International 31161-201 Chef’s Knife is a forged knife with a full-tang riveted three times to a polymer handle. We love the ergonomic design and the fact that the 4.2inch handle comes in balance with the blade.

With this knife in your hands, you can complete several tasks such as dicing, chopping, cutting, and slicing. Another added benefit of Henckels International 31161-201 Chef’s Knife is that it also accommodates mincing fruits, vegetables, and even meat, a rare feature found in knives at this price.

We want to mention here that this knife was advertised as dishwasher safe, but we would suggest that you hand wash and dry it to enhance its lifespan. It is highly durable and solid, which Henckels is famous for delivering.

  • Highly versatile
  • Adds value to your money
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Could have been more ergonomic

Final verdict:

This is a slightly more affordable option than our previous recommendation and provides impeccable cutting performance. The Henckels International 31161-201 Chef’s Knife is a good option for home use.

5- MAD SHARK Santoku Knife Professional

Santoku Knife Professional


Do you have to perform a lot of cutting work but you get tired easily because of the heavy-duty knife you’ve been using? If so, take a look at the MAD SHARK Santoku Knife Professional that comes in an ergonomic design and offers you excellent assistance without causing even the slightest fatigue.

MAD SHARK is famous for offering the best of both worlds. The knife that we have chosen from their catalog comes with a curved belly that provides maximum efficiency while mincing and is relatively lightweight; it is ideal for slicing and dicing.

It is not as heavy as a chef’s knife. However, the curve allows the user for a blazing cutting and chopping experience. The knife also features a flat heel that accommodates fast dicing of thinner vegetables and fruits.

As far as the construction quality is concerned, the blade is manufactured out of German industrial-grade carbon steel that resists corrosion and rust effectively.

  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t cause fatigue
  • Perfect for home usage
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • The blades could?ve been sharper

Final verdict,

The MAD SHARK Santoku Knife Professional is a powerful choice for regular kitchen chefs. It also comes in really handy for home use because of the lightweight and ergonomic design.

6- Imarku Pro Kitchen Knife

imarku Chef Knife


The Imarku Pro Kitchen Knife is a highly versatile tool for efficiently cutting and chopping both meat and vegetable. This is a fine-quality knife that is capable of doing way more than you may be expecting. It is highly versatile and can be used for various applications and provides maximum convenience in the kitchen.

The design of this knife is western, and it comes with a fine cutting edge that offers maximum convenience when chopping or slicing fruits and vegetables.

It features a Packwood handle that comes in an ergonomic design and is lightweight, ensuring there won’t be any fatigue in your hands when dicing and slicing for longer hours. Unlike most of the chef knives, the best part about Imarku Pro Kitchen Knife is that it is perfectly balanced so you can cut down as many ingredients as you have to with utmost convenience.

  • Very convenient to use
  • Perfect for professional chefs
  • Ergonomic design
  • (None that we could find)

Final verdict:

The Imarku Pro Kitchen Knife is popular for its maximum convenience and user-oriented design. Not to mention, the knife is a bestseller on Amazon and comes at a reasonable price point.

7- Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-Inch Produce Knife

Mercer Culinary Millennia


If affordability is something you’re looking for then Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-inch Produce Knife is a product that is going to be a solid choice for you. We loved the fact that it’s comfortable and easy to use, which makes it an ideal option to be used daily.

This is a forged made out of high-quality Japanese carbon steel that provides resistance against rust and corrosion. However, along with being an ergonomic knife, the selling of this bad-boy is the ultra-sharp edge and you can count on us for that. The Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-inch Produce Knife is capable of cutting through anything and that also includes your beautiful fingers. The sharpness of this blade is mind-blowing so you need to be extra vigilant when using it.

You will easily be able to glide it through even the hardest vegetables, herbs, meat, and several various ingredients. The blade can also be easily sharpened when needed to maintain its cutting quality. The handle of Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-inch Produce Knife is manufactured out of composite plastic which is lightweight and well-balanced.

  • Excellent cutting blade
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Sharpened edges
  • Ergonomic design
  • Needs to be extra careful when using it

Final verdict,

The Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-inch Produce Knife is an affordable yet commendable option for its excellent cutting quality. It has an ergonomic design but requires a little extra care during use.

8- Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Straight Paring Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery


Are you sick of all those big, bulky vegetable knives that don’t allow you to cut your ingredients intricately? Take a look at the petit Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Straight Paring Knife. It is an incredible option for daily use and the lightweight design, the ergonomic structure makes it a whole lot easier to cut and slice ingredients in a fine notion.

It comes with a 3.25inch blade, making it convenient for the user to perform smaller and complex tasks like peeling, slicing, and mincing garlic or ginger. As far as the overall performance is concerned, we have to say it pulls more than it was designed for. The knife is highly versatile and provides complete control to the user over the cutting procedure.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that it’s pretty dishwasher safe. You can easily put it in the washer and it will blend quite well with all other utensils.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Controllable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The thin plastic handle is somewhat flimsy

Final verdict:

We highly recommend this beginner knife for anyone who wants to add fine and precise knives to their cutlery set. The Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Straight Paring Knife is very precise, comfortable, and easy to use for daily culinary and we are sure you’re going to love working with it.

9- DALSTRONG Nakiri Asian Vegetable Knife

DALSTRONG Nakiri Asian Vegetable Knife


This would be our second recommendation from DALSTRONG and just like the previous one; this knife also comes in an aesthetically pleasing design. The DALSTRING Nakiri Asian Vegetable Knife is the perfect choice for cutting vegetables and meat and it also happens to come at a reasonable price point.

If you have been hunting vegetable knives for some time now, we are sure you must have come across the popular Gladiator collection by DALSTRONG. Well, this one also offers the same quality and precision but at a more affordable price.

The blade is carved out of high-quality German steel and it is a forged knife. You acquire maximum balance while cutting and slicing and it also prevents the ingredients from sticking to the knife. The comfort and convenience of this knife are then tripled by the pakkawood handle that is easy to grip and provides maximum control.

  • Excellent design
  • Quality construction
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Requires frequent sharpening

Final verdict:

The DALSTRING Nakiri Asian Vegetable Knife offers you all the benefits and perks of a chef’s knife in a premium design at an affordable price. It is an ideal knife for daily home use and trusts us, you won’t be able to find anything better than this one.

10- TradaFor Stainless Steel High Carbon Pro Chef Knife

Vegetable Knife


TradaFor Stainless Steel High Carbon Pro Chef Knife is a powerful and convenient knife for anybody who wants to take his/her culinary skills to the next level.

The knife is made out of high-quality industrial-grade German steel that comes with a sharp and single-beveled edge to take on any and every vegetable that may come its way. For added protection and to enhance its overall lifespan, the company has coated it with a carbon finish that effectively resists corrosion and protects the blade from rust as well.

To top it all, the knife features a Pakkawood handle for convenience and enhanced functionality. The knife is lightweight as compared to a chef’s knife and works well for different cutting styles. We also love the fact that it comes in a beautiful box, making it the perfect housewarming gift.

  • Gorgeous design
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Sturdy construction
  • The handle is a little flimsy

Final verdict:

The TradaFor Stainless Steel High Carbon Pro Chef Knife is an affordable choice for a vegetable knife. it accommodates a variety of cutting styles, is highly functional, and has a well-balanced knife that is going to last for a very long time.

The Buyer’s Guide for Best Vegetable Knives

Best Vegetable Knives

Have you been thinking about buying a vegetable knife for home? Then we are sure our above-mentioned recommendations have given you something to consider. But if you’re still thinking about all the factors you need to consider when buying a knife and want to ensure you make the right choice, then take a look at our detailed buyer’s guide for more information.

When you’re hunting vegetable knives, you cannot choose the very first knife you come across. There are a few things you need to keep in mind like if the design is ergonomic or not if it is lightweight or not if it cuts and slices vegetables precisely or not!

See, a lot of things to keep in perspective. So, to make your decision more accurate, we have enlisted a few factors that you need to remember when choosing a vegetable knife,

  • Style

Style is the very first thing you notice when you lay eyes on a knife so why don’t we start with that? There are mainly two styles of knives available in the market, Japanese and German. Both of these styles have their benefits and you can’t go wrong with either of them.

German knives are heavy-duty and feature curvier bellies while Japanese knives are lightweight and very sharp at the edges. The curvier bellies of German knives ensure more versatility whereas the sharp edges of Japanese knives stay sharp for a very long time.

So, as you can see, both have their benefits but we do suggest German knives for professional cutting, slicing, and chopping while Japanese knives are excellent for daily home usage.

  • Blade material

Now, once you have selected the style, you need to look into the blade material. In order for a knife to provide precision, accurate cutting performance, and versatility, it is really important for the blade to be durable, highly efficient, and study.

This is where opting for an incredible blade should be your top priority. Stainless steel has all the qualities that you can possibly need but they need to be sharpened frequently. The next choice would be carbon which is the top recommendation by chefs but they are more expensive however, they do stay sharp for a longer time.

Another option that you can go for is the ceramic blade. They are hard, durable, and have an excellent cutting edge. You can also go for titanium knives which when combined with ceramic make for a lightweight yet impeccable knife.

  • Construction

Construction is another important aspect of a knife that should always come into consideration. You will either get a tampered or a forged knife in the market. A forged knife is made up of a single piece of steel whereas in a tampered knife, the blade is designed separately on a steel sheet and then hammered on the knife.

Forged knives are far sturdier and have better lifespans than tampered or hammered knives. Also, forged knives are usually expensive than tampered knives. They both have their own advantages, but we suggest you opt for a forged knife if you work professionally.

  • Handle

Never compromise on the handle quality at all. The handle always has to be comfortable to hold on to, easy to maneuver, ergonomic, and lightweight. The blade must be efficiently riveted in the handle and it should be easier to grip.

The common handles available in the market are either made up of composite or plastic. You also get wooden handles but they tend to warp so we always prefer going for durable plastic handles for maximum performance efficiency.

  • Perfect balance

The balance of the blade and the handle needs to be in unison. If they are off-balance and one weighs more than the other, you will never be able to cut ingredients with maximum precision.

  • Weight

Some cooks prefer going for heavy-duty knives because they don’t require a lot of force from the user and are very hefty. These knives make it easy for cutting hard ingredients. However, some cooks also prefer going for lightweight knives. They say lightweight knives are easy to control and fully support over their cutting and slicing process.

It completely depends on your cooking style and what you prefer on a personal level. But make sure, when assessing the knife’s weight, you should be able to handle it easily.

Maintenance Tips for Vegetable knives

Vegetable knives, also known as cook’s knives, are an essential part of any kitchen. They’re used for chopping and slicing vegetables like onions and carrots. However, because they get so much use in the kitchen environment, maintaining them is very important to ensure that they work well and last a long time. Keeping this in mind I’m writing on how to care for your vegetable knife and keep it working properly!

  • Keep your vegetable knife clean

Keep your vegetable knife clean. After you’re done using it to cut vegetables, be sure to wash and dry the blade before putting it away in a cabinet or taking out another knife. Food residue left on knives can cause them to rust over time! – Always use a chopping block when cutting vegetables like onions and carrots with your kitchen knives.

  • Keep them rust-free

Use vegetable oil on the handle of your kitchen knives periodically if you notice that moisture is causing it to rust or corrode.

  • Keep the blade clean

Vegetable knife blades can be washed carefully with mild dish soap and hot water. Be sure to dry them completely before storing them away so they don’t rust.

  • Use a professional knife sharpener

Keep blades sharp with a professional knife sharpener every year or two depending on how often you use the knives. Professional sharpeners will be able to do it better than most home techniques!

  • Store them properly

Store them in a block or knife holder to prevent them from getting chipped and damaged while being stored, rather than loose in the drawer.

Common FAQs Regarding Vegetable Knives

1- What are kind of knives required in the kitchen?

It depends on the kind of ingredients you’re cutting, but the three most important knives you should always have in your kitchen are a paring knife, a serrated knife, and a chef’s knife.

2- What do you mean by Nakiri?

Nakiri means a knife for putting in greens. Therefore, a nakiri knife is designed exclusively for cutting or slicing vegetables.

3- Can you use a Santoku knife for cutting down meat?

What does a Santoku knife mean? the chef’s knife is in Japanese so yes, it is designed for cutting meat and vegetables.

4- Do you always have to get an expensive knife for efficient performance?

Not really. We do think that expensive knives offer better quality blades, a longer lifespan, and excellent balance. But using an expensive knife for regular kitchen tasks doesn’t seem that wise.

5- What are better, Japanese knives or German knives?

Japanese use a more robust, sturdier metal/steel for their blade, which offers excellent precision regarding their sharpness but is more prone to breaking or chipping. In contrast, a German knife comes with a lightweight metal that doesn’t chip or break but needs frequent sharpening.

6- Can I use a vegetable knife to cut meats?

Like any other utensil, a vegetable knife can be used to cut meat but not in fine cuts because it doesn’t have enough sharp blades and large knife size.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you opt for a German knife or a Japanese one, it ultimately depends on how you use it and what you use it for. We have given you all the details regarding the best vegetable knives you need for choosing an ideal knife. we are sure you can pick the one that suits your needs best. If you have any suggestions in this regard, do let us know through your feedback below.

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