Best Ways to Eat Bacon and Enjoy Every Bite    

The saltiness, crunch, and fat content of bacon make it undeniably delicious. This delicious ingredient is not restricted to breakfast alone. A slice of bacon elevates the taste of the dish you create and makes your palate blissfully happy.

When crispy, dry, and served whole, bacon is yummy finger food. Cutlery works best to devour cooked bacon limp and broken into pieces. Even when cured and smoked, don’t eat bacon raw as it could contain harmful contaminants. Cooking bacon eliminates any parasites or bacteria present, thus making it safe to consume.

Recommended Cooking Methods

Versatile bacon adds heaps of satisfying flavor to savory and sweet recipes. The method you prefer to cook bacon could depend on whether you like an even cook, extra crunch, or relatively easy cleanup.

Placing your bacon on a rimmed sheet pan and then baking it in the oven gives it a crispy edge and good chew. If you are concerned about the effort involved after cleaning your pan, line it with parchment paper. The paper does give your bacon strips a curlier appearance once baked, but the stovetop splatter saves you.

When you crave to bite into the classic cooked bacon flavors and appearance is secondary, a cast iron skillet on medium heat does the job. For super crispy, visually consistent, and flat bacon, opt to cook it in a non-stick skillet, flipping the strips as needed.

Cooking bacon in a microwave produces the fastest and crispiest results. You can place the bacon strips between paper towels to absorb the fat as it releases. At the end of the cook, you only have a microwavable plate to wash. With this method, however, you have no precious bacon fat to save up for later.

Bite of Deliciousness

Bacon magically excites your taste buds whether you consume cooked strips as a standalone food or use them as a flavoring agent. However you choose to consume it, don’t eat bacon raw as that is a risky proposition. Moreover, the cooked version is far superior in taste, aroma, and flavors.

You can infuse porky richness into a vegetarian dish with shards of bacon. Popularly bacon is piled on BLTs or burgers to lend a welcome crunch element. It also pairs well with waffles, pancakes, and eggs and serves as a substantial component of your meal.

Some unique ways to indulge in this delectable food include making:

Chewy Bars

A mix of puffed rice cereal, mini marshmallows, fried bacon, and maple syrup creates a divine chewy bar. Besides overflowing with goodness, this bar is hearty and practical to eat when on the move.

Heavenly Bread

Score a readymade loaf of bread and pour a sauce made from bacon, garlic, and cheese, into the pockets created. After baking this stuffed loaf till it bubbles and toasts to perfection, you can make short work of this heavenly treat.

Bacon Salt

By combining pepper, salt, and crushed bacon, you end up with a mix that you can sprinkle over your food to elevate it. This mix keeps well for around one week and is a handy accompaniment, especially when craving bacon flavors.

Bacon Pancakes

Cook your pancake batter on a griddle covered with bacon grease. As the pancake cooks, sprinkle fried bacon bits on it. You get a dual bacon hit from the cooking element or grease and the bits incorporated in the pancake.

Chicken Surprise

When preparing the marinade to coat the chicken, add cooked bacon pieces to the grinder, so the paste is rich in flavor. If you are grilling chicken on a skewer, you can alternately position a bacon piece. In this way, each bite will be richly rewarding.

Popcorn with a Twist

Why not take your familiar caramel popcorn up a notch? Place your freshly made popcorn on a baking sheet and drizzle a caramel-bacon sauce all over it. Enjoy this delightful baked treat once it comes out of your oven.

Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon

You cannot get a deadlier combo than bacon and shrimp. Coat the bacon after wrapping it around each shrimp with a dip made from brown sugar for a subtle and sweet flavor.

Cooking With Bacon Grease

After you cook bacon, it is worth straining the rendered grease into a glass jar and refrigerating it. This grease has a high smoking point; hence, it is stable to cook with.

Its richness adds terrific flavor to braised meats, sautéed or roasted veggies. Using bacon grease to fry your eggs is another way to incorporate this comfort food into your diet.

Make better kitchen choices and have your fill of tasty bacon by referring to essential tips from a culinary expert.

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