Top 10 Best Wood Pellets for Smoking 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

IT is NO fun going without owning the best wood pellets for smoking up the smoker to add the yummilicious taste to get recognized yourself as the pro check, but in reality, the wood pellets are the ones assisting you all along, making you win the credit.

But alright, we understand the urge to use the alternatives to fire up the smoker, but if you deliberately try to do so, you are entirely at a loss.

Best Wood Pellets for Smoking

NOT that it is easy to fire up the smoker, it is not entirely designed in the way it could run with applying the so-called alternative learned around.

Back in the days, charcoal had the dominance, but with the advancement of time, the wood pellets have occupied supremacy all around the world because;

  • Wood pellets are easy to catch fire.
  • Do NOT make you turn dirty and your hands in black color.
  • Are convenient enough to take along while as easy to store.
  • Completely dried.
  • Let’s you fill up the hopper placed on the smoker ONCE.

So just for you, grille guys, we come up with the varieties of wood pellets hunted out of the market to present you with the best!

List of the Best Wood Pellets for Smoking — Updated Picks for 2022!

1- Traeger PEL331

Traeger Grills Signature Blend 100%...

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Smoke it with the flavor; Traeger PEL331 is up with its premium signature blend that goes directly into your hopper without question asked.

Ability to bid farewell to NEVER using the charcoal or gas, these premium wood pellets come along with the hardwood taste and the unmatched purity while perfecting to maintain the blue smoke helping you to entice with enriching the flavor within the food.

Blended with the perfect mix of hickory, cherry, and maple hardwoods that go side by side to add into the meat you have up inside the smoker to feel the same while eating literally.

Sustained, sourced, and manufactured in the U.S.A., all done by Trager reliably claims to be made in the U.S.A.

Crafted with 100 percent all-natural hardwood safe from the binding agents or the useless fillers lives up to the claim of being made with the real wood and infused into the pellets to taste and fire well.

  • All-natural hardwood
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Mixed with hickory, cherry, and maple
  • A bit pricey


Premium-rated wood pellets owning the best features within, Traeger PEL331 would fit your requirements well!

2- CookinPellets 40PM

CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix, 1...

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Apple-ascended mash runs deep inside the meat the moment you take a bite. This is undoubtedly the core specialty of CookinPellets 40PM to enhance this mesmerizing taste added to your food.

Made with the perfect mix of up to four hardwoods top rated using hickory, hard maple, apple, and cherry for delivering the best smoking experience to generate enough heat to smoke even the thick pieces of meat

Used NO oils and wood fillers to live up to this claim of 100 percent hardwoods to feel it in the taste.

Cleanse out even the worst; it accommodates to work on every sort of grill to smoke up the meat to get cooked rather quickly to serve the moment the pieces are cooked.

It is the steak or bone ribs you plan to smoke or the whole turkey while getting the brisket stuffed inside the smoker to retain the juicy stuff out of it; CookinPellets 40PM is gonna do wonders down here!

40-pounds in weight, buy it, and forget having to call in more for a couple of parties.

  • Mixed with top-class hardwood
  • No use of chemicals
  • Take a bit of a while to get the adequate heat.


Perfectly mixed with the flavors, CookinPellets 40PM goes out to be the best wood pellets available against the price, not being hefty over the wallet.

3- Camp Chef PLAP

Camp Chef Orchard Apple BBQ...

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Just forget about the outdated and old-fashioned methods to fire up the smoker, please. And again, do not let those ideas influence your mind.

The world’s fast-changing, and you should be changing with it. To go with the smoker, the new and advanced method is NOT to use the wood itself but the wood pellets that are purely made with the combination of stuff supporting to catch fire as instantly while adding the kind of flavor all along.

Confirmed to be added no oils or the chemicals around as it is guaranteed to get filled and made with the premium-class hardwood to rely on the claim.

Availed in the kiln-dried virgin hardwood foam to retain its maximum purity, enjoy the consistent results bag after bag to never lose in the flavor and burn them up equally.

Emits low-level moisture while it has no addition of the fillers, additives, and any sort of the flavors poured onwards as it comes right from the U.S.A. bringing the never-experienced taste of all time.

  • Made using the solid hardwood
  • Contains little to the low amount of moisture
  • A little on the expensive side


All-natural with food-grade pellets attracting no to little moisture, you got the finest quality of wood pellets from Camp Chef PLAP!

4- Bear Mountain FK12


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Ultimate lovers of the BBQ stuff are best at evaluating the worth of this Bear Mountain FK12 mixed with apple mash for the tasteful end results.

Adding the smokey and subtly sweet flavor to get felt with every bite you take quickly differentiates the taste when you have even the ordinary stuff added inside.

Crafted with the pure form of 100 percent all-natural premium level of hardwood with the guarantee to be adding no binder, additives, and fillers of any kind to fill up the weight and which would ruin the whole taste of the meals.

Infused with the natural and likable flavor as well as the tenderness, the heat and smoke are quite extreme to get developed and turn the whole cooking experience to go an extra mile without the chance of getting burnt and be left with uncooked parts out of the meat.

Made in the U.S.A., this 20-lbs bag is sufficient to last a good number of parties without acquiring one.

  • Perfect for the outdoor grill
  • Adds the smoky-fired flavor
  • Somewhat lengthier pellets


100 percent all-natural applewood to eat with the real apple-alike taste along with the wood-fired, Bear Mountain FK12 is the NEW kind of pellet introduced by Bear Mountain.

5- BBQr’s Delight

BBQr's Delight Wood Smoking Pellets...

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Proudly sourced, manufactured, and packed in the U.S.A., there you are presented with six bags containing up to one pound of wood pellets available in six different flavors, from pecan, Jack Daniels, mesquite, Cherry, and Hickory.

Good to last up to 10 uses per bag, you are covered to enjoy over 60 BBQ parties to cook your favorite and tasteful pieces of meat added with the flavors of your choice as all it requires to add over ? of a cup filled with pellets to manage all the events with good.

Yes, they are different in the flavors for sure but are not really into the size and quality, so stay assured of such a bland.

Stuff them into any of the outside grills and smokers of your choice without any trouble; all you would get is the increased heat in no time but could emit out the extensive smoke until the pellets are all gone and burned.

  • Pack of six 1lbs in weight
  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Quite on the expensive side


All in one, meaning all the flavors in one purchase; enjoy the delicious flavors to toggle per your mood. 🙂

6- Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel's Smoking BBQ Pellets...

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Exclusively from the Jack Daniel’s containing the wood pellets of Jack Daniel’s flavor, this enough of the weight (up to 20 lbs) is the one-time purchase to last hundreds of BBQ events in good.

Accented with the Tennessee Whiskey-flavored pellets for the different tastes, this surely would not excite the folks who often taste out the vine, but for the person who never expected and drank the whiskey ever, the experience would be a lot different to project down here in words.

Known for the guaranteed higher BTU and the clean at burning while producing low-ash and moisture-rich fuel, Jack Daniel’s would never disappoint you.

Made exclusively from 100 percent all-natural premium oak and getting it bundled along with the flavor wood for the different essence to taste.

One bag and you are back to celebrate the events after events with smoking the best of the meat all the time.

  • 20lbs in weight
  • Made with100 percent premium-level oak
  • Not recommended to use in a charcoal grill


For the whiskey-addicted folks, this particular flavor type is the WIN!

7- CookinPellets

CookinPellets Premium Hickory Grill...

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Just 100 percent hickory and that is not just a shoutout, but the reality CookinPellets own to it.

Available in the package of up to three bags owning to 40 pounds combined, is the nicest supply of the wood pellets to last a couple of hundreds of BBQ parties to stunning everyone with the level of smoked meat served.

Add the best of smokey flavor to flavored BBQ stuff using the 100 percent hickory hardwood pellets to feel the auspicious taste for hours.

Contains no bark, flavor oils, and filler woods of any kind to just add to the weight, but the real all-natural hickory wood pellets are quite enough to deliver the outstanding taste to enjoy with every single bite.

Use to smoke anything out, from vegetables to the hard-sliced meat, and see them getting smoked to the level you wish to eat with all the taste contained.

  • Used to make with 100 percent pure hickory
  • No bark added
  • Limited availability


Pay the hefty price AND then do not ask for the premium-quality wood pellets for years when you get to own CookingPellets? 3 packs full of 120 pounds collectively.

8- BBQr’s Delight Cherry

Cherry Flavor BBQR's Delight...

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Poured with cherry flavor, this BBQr’s Delight Cherry is made and formed entirely with 100 percent applewood that is known to be catching fire as quickly and retaining the best heat for a longer duration.

Includes the mix of oak wood and cherry wood sawdust to help in firing up the whole of pellets rather quickly than much of the anticipation while it is projected to last up to 200 uses done out of 20 lbs of the bag with the average amount used every time.

Fill up the hopper to go through the complete smoking duration while you enjoy gossiping around with the family set over the patio or deck, and rest assured these cherry-based pellets would add this humming smell containing the sweet fruity smoke to flavor anything you got within the smoker.

Take’em out, serve, and see the folks admiring your cooking experience the most! 🙂

  • Made with applewood
  • Smoky feel at the taste
  • A little out price wise


Spicy and rough taste, cherry from BBQr’s Delight got the flavor type to feel relatively different with every bite.

9- PIT BOSS 55436

Pit Boss 40 lb Hickory Blend...

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Larger in quantity, the hickory-blended hardwood pellets is the one you would be looking out for.

Added with NO artificial flavor, spray scents, chemicals, and any sort of glues — the guarantee of 100 percent all-natural hardwood pellets is formed to give you the best-enhanced BBQ experience of life.

Sourced all around North America to transform the high-quality product, the raw wood is then added with the essence of technology used to bind in the natural juices within the wood that support the pellets to stay together and not break into ash.

40lbs of the bag, just grab it home and forget about buying another one in years. 🙂

  • Wood sourced from around North America
  • Cleaner and hotter burn power
  • Blended pellets


You, the man of smoke! Fuel up the hopper with this hickory-only PIT BOSS 55436 to NOT let anyone see what you got cooking!

10- Louisiana Grills 55405

Own the perfect smokers out of the market and then hesitate to invest in its fuel, which is the core of using the smoker from day one to portray you really care about it.

The ordinary and generally-acclaimed pellets would actually destroy the makeover time, but the high-quality wood-only pellets are NOT only to have you enjoy the yummilicious pieces of meat but helps to retain the smoker not to lose its shine and worth.

With such a concept buried deep in mind, Louisiana Grills 55405, perfected with the competition-blend pellets, is the choice played by not so many folks.

Known to impart the perfect blend between the smoke and flavor, it is recommended to use in all sorts of pellet grills and smokers available in the market.

Blended With a mix of savory, sweet, and tart along with 50 percent maple, 25 percent hickory, and 25 percent cherry to taste the real flavor with every bite, we mean it!

  • Mixed with the hardwoods
  • Raw wood collected out and around the whole of North America
  • Cause a bit of dust developing too quickly


The impressive price for the high-standard wood pellet, Louisiana Grills 55405, would never leave you embarrassed at all.

The Extensive Buying Guide for the Wood Pellets for Smoking

Wood Pellets reviews

Few but the core factors to put an eye on and nothing serious, this buying guide for best wood pellets for smoking is the must-to-go through before agreeing to enter into the marketplace (even offline one.)

What to look at, allow us to classify them into pieces;

Reason and difference of buying the pellets

Might be moaning around in a strange state; this part is actually to differentiate the purpose of buying the pellets.

Out of many common and probable questions knocking the mind, the thing here is exact.

There we got two different types of pellets used in independent situations.

  1. Heating Pellets
  2. Smoking Pellets

With the heating pellets? type, this does not create the smoke and are widely-used in room-based chimneys, pellet stoves, and such areas where you do not want to have the smoke contained but works to keep the room heated and warm (especially in the chilling winters) as they tend to NOT catching fire and burns relatively slowly.

And the heating pellets are actually made with the hardwoods laminated with insecticides and the chemicals of different forms not to get lit when poured directly into the flames.

While the smoking pellets are made with the hardwood as well but containing the food-grade ones (we would tell a bit later about the food-grade type of the hardwood) to seamlessly go into the hopper installed by the side of the smoker, and they are moisture-free enough that takes up the flame and cause the smoke to start producing the moment they are sent inside the smoker’s burning chamber.

Availability of adding the flavors into pellets

Well, that solely depends on which flavor you want to be added.

Cannot really a scent or flavor get added later but being formed out of the food-grade hardwoods that naturally contain the taste that you can get to feel and chewing the stuff after getting cooked.

To name a few, the smoking pellets are made from the ashes of one or multiple combined through the following food-grade hardwoods;

  • Maple
  • Hickory
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Alder
  • Oak
  • Mesquite
  • Pecan
  • Whiskey

Your purchased pellet would contain one OR make with multiple fruit-grade hardwoods to taste the extremely new flavor.

  • Size of the bag

It is either 1lbs or 40; it depends on your sole purpose if you do not want to run out of pellets when you decide to throw off the party and then come to know you do not have the pellets left to conduct the party.

Still, even the lowest amount of pellets could easily last a few rounds of parties, but it is NO evil not to get prepared for a longer duration.

If stored properly, the wood pellets can last months and even years to give a perfectly fresh outcome still.

And the pellets are made available in sizes from 1lbs, 20, lbs and 40lbs the most.

  • Size of the pellet itself

On a serious note, always opt for purchasing the low-sized pellets because they have no chance to get stuck and glide through even the small-sized smoker’s hopper quite conveniently.

  • Ashes

You go for buying the low-quality wood pellets and expect not to have an excessive amount of ash developing around, and you are wrong here.

The low-quality wood pellets tend to create as much ash without any fix to apply to reduce the amount by any chance.

Either deal with the scenario OR purchase the great-quality 100 percent all-natural food-grade pellets of known fruits to avoid seeing the ash in the severe form.

  • Moisture’s presence

NOTHING to be done in this regard; moisture is there and is always present no matter how best you try to deal with it to keep the area as dried.

Not to mention but the moisture should not exceed beyond the acceptable mark, because when it does, and you would not be able to stop the wood pellets from getting destroyed, and hence, the only solution would be to soak them down in the open sun (with losing the quality) that is no less than a pure form of hassle.

The acceptable moisture level is 6.5 percent or lower, the better, but it should not go beyond even a percent from this mark, or else get ready to face the ordeal.

  • Right smoker for the right wood pellet

Though it looks strange to ask such a question at this point, you should be rather apparent in purchasing the wood pellets based on the smoker-provider’s recommendation.

Do NOT really attempt to surpass the recommendation level in terms of size and all to enjoy the hassle-free purchase and the festive BBQ party to enjoy at the max!


Some common and frequent series of questions to cover here?

Q1. What pellets give the most smoke?

Mesquite or hickory if you really wanna experience the fire-like smoke coming out of the smoker.

Q2. Do you soak wood pellets before smoking?

It is not feasible because the wood pellets are actually formed through the sawdust, which does not let to contain the moisture and any such liquidated stuff inside it.

Or if you had submerged them deliberately, the real essence of putting the wood pellets to perform beyond the quality mark has died down itself.

Q3. Do pellet smokers use a lot of electricity?

They do but not all the time once the smoker is turned on and busy smoking the stuff for hours.

What requires most of the electricity is the starting phase that lasts for a couple of minutes to turn it all heated. And when it is, it then shifts to the regular and lesser wattage power to start converting the suitable units off your utility bill.

Q4. How long does a bag of pellets last in a smoker?

It depends on how much you are addicted to throwing parties. It is evaluated a bag of 1lbs wood pellets can serve up to 10 times with an average amount used around? cup at a time.

So, you got a bag of 20lbs, or even 40 lbs once would easily last for months and take you through hundreds of average-sized parties.

Q5. At what temperature do wood pellets smoke?

When the temperature is between 180F to 500F.


So, that makes us complete listing over the top 10 best wood pellets for smoking done here!

All possessing the different flavors and quantity but would not do a little less than a task jointly, and that is to smoke the heck out of meat and whatever you got for eating!

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